Friday, May 4, 2007

Workshop Room Pictures

Finally, a very suitable workshop room is ready now at the Healin' Temple. It is on the second floor of the place. It is surrounded by some nice tall trees like Mango, Peepal and Coconut. The room is very quiet, a right place for learning and healing. The bird sounds are clearly heard and one does feel tuned to nature here! There are comfortable cusions to sit on or some chairs for those who need to sit up. Also some mats thrown here and there on the floor to use. This creats a very informal, relaxed atmosphere for learning.

We have state of the art sound system and multimedia projector if we need to use some gadgets for teaching. We also have a large screen to view films or slides. Same room also has video conferencing facility. We are also connected to Internet by a wireless router. So one can use laptops with such facility. The room is having fan and is also air conditioned. We also have a very good light system. Here, we have three types of lights. Yellow, blue or just white lights. We can use these as required. Or some of you will be glad to just enjoy the natural sunlight! There is not much furniture in the room, so it is all space to use as we like. The flooring is soft yellow tiles, which are a bit rough on surface, giving a stone feeling. Feels good to just sit on it directly.

There is a central folding table, in case we need to sit around the table for any serious writting work. Workshops will start from June 2007!
Happy learning!

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Khursheed said...

Hi Rupa & Atul,
Its wonderful what you are doing. Your place looks really soothing!
I am def. coming to meet you and see your Healin Temple!

Have a truly fragrant day! :)

Love n Peace