Monday, May 14, 2007

A case of Depression

This case is very interesting. She is 45 year old lady. Visited us on 3rd February 2007. Her main complains are - Depression. Lack of sleep. Fears and anxiety for last 10 years. Staring look. Puffy face.She got all these symptoms after she lost her father.She also has diabetes. Taking many medicines since all these years.
She has improved very much. Here is the video recording of her son. It is in English. It is done after completing three months of taking Energy Remedies.

Earlier, she was not interested in meeting doctor However, now she is very much ready to see the doctor. We also took note of Lithium toxicity in her. We selected Energy Remedies accordingly. Gave her each time the remedies for one month. When she visits us next, I will upload her picture.

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