Monday, May 7, 2007

Kashvi' Story

Kashvi is Pranav's sister. She is 3 year old. She too was having similar problems as her brother.
Cold, cough, wheezing, poor concentration, lethargic and very moody. Very poor immune system. Fragile. Nose blocked. Dark complexion. Multiple allergies.
Given below is again, her mother's video recording in Gujarati. There is big change in her health status. She smiles often. Talks a lot more.


omlette said...

wow. i love this site. almost as much as i love the work the two of you do. the dedication, the conviction and the love for what you do shines thru in your blog. as a person who's experienced the transformation, found hope where i was convinced there was none...this is just to say you guys rock!

gandhiji40 said...

good work, dear dr Atul and dr Rupa.. keep it up and do share more experiences on alternatives in therapy... dr gandhi, shahapur