Monday, December 30, 2013

Female Hormone Balance

I am treating a lady patient who is about 40 years. She was advised to take hormonal tablets for her menstrual problems. She was getting hot flushes and not getting regular menses for months. As a short cut, her doctor advised her to take oral contraceptive pills. She took those for more than 3 years. Hot flushes went away, her periods were regular( Of course because of oral pills.) She came to me for her knee pain about 4 months ago. Her knee pain improved very much. She is now training for half marathon! Meanwhile, I also convinced her that I will get her off her oral pills in few months. After 3 months of treatment with natural remedies, I suggested now she drop the oral pills. She was scared...whether she will get her period regularly or not? Yes, Indeed. She did get her period this month, on time. All perfect.Without the support of oral contraceptive pills! This is the process of 'resetting the female hormonal cycle'! This is holistic healing.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Fine Tremors

A 72 year man visited me the other day for fine tremors in his right hand. He is a very wealthy man who needs to sign many cheques daily. His hand is shaking and now signature is getting altered. He was very worried about this. For him, if he cannot means losing complete control over his business empire, his ego hurt on this. He narrated his lifestyle to me, which was looking very good initially. Exercise, rest, sleep, reasonably good diet...but he also takes some amount of alcohol and tobacco daily since last 40 years! There, I got the answer. His nervous system is indeed weakened because of this. He was constantly in denial, not ready to accept that 'this much bad habits ' can be damaging to his body! A poison is a poison! Taken over the years, will show its effect on your body. And your body does not lie! I will be able to help him with natural remedies and lifestyle modification. However, he does have to look into giving up his 'bad habits'!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Knee Joint Arthritis

This is very interesting. Last week, a woman came with both the knee swelling and painful. Lot of stiffness and difficulty in walking. Patient also overweight. I know clearly from my Mind Body Holistic Medicine approach that Knees are for support in our body. We stand on our feet but our knees support our whole body! When knee joints are affected, my interpretation is this... When you lose loving support in your life ( when you feel unsupported, left to walk/journey in your life alone), you can get knee joint problems. Indeed, this women came out with the story of her life..divorced at very young age, no money, two young children to take care, she did fight, managed to somehow bring her children up alone. But now, her both the boys are not really good to her. One is addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, doing nothing in his life. The other is very aggressive and dominating! No wonder, she has now knee joint arthritis.  Mind, emotions and body cannot be separated. This is holistic medical diagnosis. I will be able to help her well with holistic medicine and flower remedies.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fast Healing

This is the picture taken of a lady patient. She got the above injury from a metal wire hanging loose in a vehicle she was travelling. Caused sharp cut and swelling. That was 14th of May , 07.

Picture taken on 28th of May shows good healing.

After giving Energy Remedies, healing was fast. Pain was hardly there. Swelling came down quickly. No signs of any infection. Patient was functional all the time. No dressing was applied. Dead skin was already protecting the wound of injury.

Energy remedies assist the process of healing in body. Therefore, fast healing.

How is your sleep?

One of the most important question I ask my patients is your sleep? Do you wake up feeling fresh? How do you wake up? Do you wake up because of an alarm? Or do you wake up on your own? Most people have answered to me that they wake up daily because of an alarm or it is time to get going to do daily work. This is where we are getting governed by a machine! I observed most people don't sleep enough, there is too much to do, land up sleeping late at night, causing much sleep deprivation. We all NEED sufficient sleep in order to allow our body's own healing forces to heal us each day. You wake up in the morning on your own important), feeling well rested, smiling, ready to take on the world! How is your sleep?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

my job as doctor!

Each day, I have only one job to do. That is, to listen to my patients  and all the health related complaints. At times they are endless, overwhelming, tiring, testing my patience! As a doctor, I am expected to sympathize or even empathize. I do. I really do wish all my patients to be free of their pains and troubles. I try my best each day. But beyond that, I am also helpless. Some of them never recover, or only partly recover.Some even finally die. I watch them suffering daily. No wonder, I have become very philosophical and deeply spiritual in life. I believe in Karma, I believe in rules of nature. I am learning and  growing each day, deepening my relationship with my patients. Do I love my work? I do.
To heal is to Love!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Mindfulness in healing...

One cannot separate mind and body. They are totally linked. Mindful healing means you concentrate on the parts of your body that needs healing with your mind. Wherever mind is focused, healing energy automatically goes there. If my patient has stomach pain, I ask him to put his right palm on the stomach area and in his mind, visualise healing energy going to the stomach area. Stay there for few minutes. We are equipped with self organsing healing energy. This starts working wherever consciousness goes. This is an example of Mindful healing. It is all about being aware and then going along with the flow of events. Mind and body are like mirror image. So if mind changes, so also body. There are no mistakes here . Body cannot show wrong symptoms without mind also involved in it. I usually draw pictures of various body organs and explain the processes to my patients and then ask them to move for improvement in the condition.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

White Sugar Addiction!

I am treating a young patient who is suffering from fears, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. He is also worried about his health. His fear of disease is very big, making him restless and anxious. He is also addicted to sweet chocolates. Can you make the connection? White sugar is very harmful for health.  It works like 'morphine' in body. When you don't get your regular dose of white sugar, you get 'sugar blues'.  White Sugar pulls out important minerals from body causing further damage. It is also very acidic in effect causing acid alkaline imbalance. White sugar definitely disturbs mind and emotions, making one agitated, hyperactive and restless. However, sugar industry in very powerful. White sugar is in many packaged foods and also in our homes. No wonder, many of us are addicted to sugar!  How much white sugar do you consume every month?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


A NOTE OF CAUTION: Just yesterday I heard this story. A friend's friend's father died who was in his fifties. He was on blood thinning alloapthic medicines. These medicines are prescribed for those who are at risk of heart attack/ stroke as prevention. He was wrongly influenced by someone to stop this medicine  with a  thought that 'all allopathic medicines are harmful and body will heal itself if you make diet and lifestyle changes'. So, he stopped the medicines and two months later he indeed died of heart attack. Now this is a very WRONG  understanding. First of all, PLEASE DO NOT STOP YOUR ALLOPATHIC MEDICINES ABRUPTLY. They are your support system. No matter what you do as diet and lifestyle changes, you should be under supervision of a medical doctor. Your medical doctor will gradually cut down your medication after checking you thoroughly including your blood tests. One of my patient was on such medication. His doctor observed his blood reports over the year, and gradually stopped his medication. That is the way to go. It takes time for body to heal and reverse a disease condition. DO NOT GIVE SUDDEN SHOCK TO YOUR SYSTEM BY STOPPING THE MEDICATION THAT YOU ARE ON SINCE LONG TIME.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your skin is reflecting your state of health. It is actually working in partnership with your kidney. In winter, your kidney works more to balance water and salt in your body. In summer, your skin works more for the same. These are also working towards detoxification. Skin disease can not be treated by local application cream, lotions and gels alone, completely, unless you also treat your kidney. Every organ of your body is also associated with an emotion which needs attention. In case of kidney, fear is the emotion. This tells you clearly, why mind, body and emotions ....all need to be healed in order to get well. Flower remedies are excellent healing tools to overcome fear. Body and its ways are complex indeed, and one lifetime is not enough to understand all about it!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

These days I have several patients who are consulting more than one doctor regularly for their disease. So, it can be a cardiologist, diabetologist, orthopedic surgeon, ENT specialist, gynecologist, a skin specialist, a nutritionist, a yoga teacher, a trainer...etc.etc. They keep all these doctors on, take their various advises and medication and try to figure out how to stay healthy? Each of these give suggestions and prescriptions as per their knowledge and yet the patient remains ill. What is the point here? The point here is, that none of these doctors truly perceive the patient as a whole with his mind, body and emotional status and then give a comprehensive plan to reverse his disease in a step by step manner. Some of these consultant do try but their efforts and perceptions may not go all the way. Patient lands up taking too many different types of medications and therapies and messes up more. On the top of all that, they even forget to mention this to me that they are doing these other therapies as well. How do you expect to get well? One doctor sees you properly, and you need to give sufficient time for the healing to happen. Healing does not happen with some magic 'pill'. Healing happens when a patient also fully participate in the process of healing and takes responsibility for his own health.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My recent thoughts posted on face book:

I am not a doctor with too many gadgets to test you in my clinic. I don't get too many 'tests' done for my patients. However, what I do very sincerely is to 'listen ' to my patients well. I want to know their story, want to know about their pains, their symptoms, their anxieties, their life in general. Knowing a patient from holistic point of view is knowing all about his mind, his emotions and his body. A patient listening does a good job of reaching the cause of his illness and then I proceed to advise on diet, lifestyle and some natural flower remedies, bio energy remedies and may be EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique). Often my patients get surprised when I don't look more deeply into their big fat health file and instead choose to look deep within their souls!

We are so used to making financial targets each year. We figure out owning a home, a car, a holiday home may be, a holiday abroad and whatever. But we forget to make similar list of our own health. What is your health target? What is your body flexibility and strength target? Any idea? Do you exercise and check your movement range? Do you regularly get check ups done to make sure your blood levels are improving? Do you keep postponing your appointment with doctor? One day, it may be too late to improve health! Start writing your health targets now, look for right advice and time frame to reach there. This will be the best way to honour your own body, the only precious vehicle that you have right now that makes you feel truly alive!

I have made this incredible observation! I have several patients who have consulted various dietitian and nutritionists in the past for various health problems. They are very used to 'asking them' about what to eat, what is good for them and also receiving diet by SMS/email daily or on weekly basis. This way you are 'outsourcing' your own food requirements completely. You are 'listening' to them much more than 'listening' to your own 'inner guidance'. It feels very strange to give away your own power to decide what you should eat. General guidance is good to receive from learned people but to receive your daily diet chart??? Think it over.