Thursday, May 31, 2007

Don't hesitate to ask....

When you get prescription from your doctor, don't hesitate to ask all about the diagnosis and the medication you are given. It is very important that you know what you are going to take? Does it have any side effects? Any contra indications? Does your doctor know what else you are taking? Does he know about your allergy history to any drug? If your doctor does not have time, still you take out time to educate yourself before taking any medicine.
We often find it easy to diagnose a condition. We simply ask a patient, if he or she is on any medication? Any new medicine introduced? Any over the counter prescription taken? So often we find, that such drugs can cause some harm to your body.
So, next time, ask your doctor more....

Detox Program

It is very important to detox our system from time to time. Just the way, we clean our homes, we need to clean our body too. Toxins slow down the system. We feel tired easily. Emotionally too, we feel heavy. At some point, we need to take a break and just let body go through the detox work.

Read more of 21 days detox Program

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Creativity Heals!

This is the picture taken of the Eco-friendly Ganeshji made by my friend Shormistha. I liked it very much. So, I decided to keep the picture with me on my cell phone. She made it with wheat flour and added turmeric powder. Her own love for the Deity is reflected in the idol. God is within us. Creativity heals. All of us should have some creative activity going on daily in our life. It boosts our self esteem. Simple things in life make us happy!
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Crying is good for health!

There are times when we feel sad. We feel like crying. It is better to cry. Sometimes situations don't permit us to cry. Then cry later on in privacy. But don't suppress your tears.
I often see at Healin' Temple, when we take case history of a patient , he or she feels like crying while narrating their case. A good healer is the one who listens to his patients. It is very very important that healer listens to his patient with all his attention. Crying helps the patient very much. A gentle, empathetic conversation, without any judgement passed on, heals.
Next time, if you feel like crying, do let your tears out. In the long run, you stay healthy this way. Suppressed emotions lead to long term health problems. And gladly accept that happy times and sad times are both part of life.
Happy healing!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Visit to Pavna Lake

Few days ago we got opportunity to go away from the cement jungle. About two hours drive away from Mumbai, there is beautiful lake called as Pavna Lake. It is huge. It was still full of water in the summer. Surrounded by mountains, it look very secure. The breeze was very cool and refreshing. The air quality was excellent, full of Prana. When we just hang around at such places, our lungs are filled with good quality air. Our eyes see a vast expanse of nature, helps us to expand our vision. We hear nature sounds and no other 'noises'. This helps our ears to rest and sharpen. You become what you see, hear, smell, feel and taste!
I call these breaks as bliss! We all urban yuppies need to do this as often as we can.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Nishpandbhava (No movement Reflection)

Self Healing lessons (3 in a series) just got over today. The most popular lesson was that of Nishpandbhava. Here, one is taught to sit in a relaxed way, reclined against wall. No movement. Eyes shut. Just listen to sounds around.
This is very relaxing to mind and body. Good for those who have too much chattering going in mind. Feel too full in mind. Need some space. Need some quiet centering. Can be done anywhere, any time. Even in office. Or while travelling by train.
Our workshop room is very quiet. So this particular asana was a great success.
It enables one to remain calm, while the mind concentrates on the sound around and moves only with that.
So simple. So nice!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Instructions for patients and visitors to Healin' Temple

What is offered at the Healin’ Temple?
Consultation for Indian flower remedies, Bio energy medicine and other healing therapies. We regularly conduct workshops on various health topics.
We also have health products used for healing. It can be purchased over the counter or through our website.
Instructions for patients and visitors to Healin' Temple
You can contact us on phone on this telephone numbers -26463232, 26486819, 26047529 and Fax -26050975 from 11.00am to 1.00 pm & 4.00pm To 7.30 pm (Indian Standard time) ( code number for India is 91) ( For Mumbai is 22)
You can personally visit our centre.
We see patients by prior appointments only.
We see patients on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4 PM to 8.00 PM.
On your first appointment, you are requested to bring all the documents, investigations done and reports of your health. If you are already taking some medicines, do bring all to show us.
If you are leaving outside Mumbai city, we do deliver medicine by National Courier. If you leave outside India, we deliver by international courier or registered post. If you are leaving within Mumbai city we deliver by domestic courier. (On receiving advance payment )
We also offer video consultation to those who have a fast Internet line. We do accept payment through credit card for this in advance. We can schedule the appointment for the same after receiving payment. If you wish to choose this, we can guide you further for payment etc.
Where is it located?
We are located in the busiest city, Mumbai, of India.
It is situated in the center of Mumbai city.
Our address: 15 E jaybharat Society, 3rd road, Khar(west),
( near Sikh Gurudwara) Mumbai 4000052 India.
We are 30 minutes from the International airport and 15 minutes from the Domestic airport.
Also, we are 20 to 30 minutes from the major Railway stations.
Map Direction
Healin’ Temple Location in

Swallow Wart flowers

This is a very common flower seen growing on the sides of country roads. The flowers are light purple. The flowers are offered to Lord Hanuman on Saturday. Also the garland made from the leaves of this plant is also offered to the Deity. Hanumanji is the deity of courage. The flower remedy made from these flowers also helps one to be courageous. It helps to remove the subconscious fears in the mind. This tells us of the connection between the Devic kingdom and the plant kingdom.
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A case of Rheumatoid arthritis

This is a picture taken recently of a patient who visited Healin Temple.
She is suffering from Rheumatoid arthritis since many years. Joints of hand and feet are already deformed. It is late stage of disease. Feet show very shiny skin. They are swollen.
At this stage of disease, we can still try to help her in some ways.
We may help her reduce her dose of painkillers. When pain and swelling is less, patient feels very comfortable.
Energy Remedies can be used as complementary to other medical treatment.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mango boils

Shikha Before, with Mango Boils.

This is picture of Shikha, one of our little patient. This was taken two years ago. She ate too many mango in the summer. Mango available in the market is artificially ripened. This is not good for health. For sensitive people, skin boils are the result. We treated her with energy remedies. She is all well. No scars on her face. This season too, she ate many mangos. But no boils. So also last year.
Shikha After remedies.

The energy remedies have deep, long term effect on health.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Urban Forest

Are we livng inside one of the tall building, looking like match box? No trees to give us company?
Only cement towers all over. Don't we also start looking like a stiff, cement structure? Lifeless, devoid of any spark?

Sun is the same.

I love Sun. It is as my life. I am fortunate to live in a very sunny country. This is summer time. It is hot. Humid. and very bright. But I like it. Let me enjoy sunshine before it starts to rain next month. Then, it will be cloudy. No sunshine for days.
I do 'Surya Namaskar ' to you Sun! ( I bow down to Sun!)
I know that we are made up of the same stuff as the universe. So macrocosm and the microcosm are same. So, I have also a sun within me. I call it Inner sun. When it is bright, radiant, our soul shines.
Solar Pranic energy is very important for our life. Sun rises and sun sets. Sun is same everywhere. And yet not same. It can just be so different each moment.

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Frozen Shoulder

Therapy session for the frozen shoulder. It is done with a device called as Cosmic Laser Device or CLD. It restores the energy flow in the meridians. It is done for both the shoulder even though one is affected. Patients of frozen shoulder do have a lot of fear in mind.
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Curry Leaf Flowers

We use curry leaf in our daily cooking. In Gujarati, it is called as 'Mitho Limdo'. It adds very good taste to food.
It is good for digestion. Our traditional cooking ways are good for health.
I am lucky to have a small bush in my garden here in the city. I can pick fresh leaves anytime I want. The flowers are small, white.
The flower remedy is also very good for those who are suffering from indigestion and hyper acidity.
Irregular food habits, foods rich in oil and spices, lack of physical exercises and too much mental stress causes indigestion.
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pulse Diagnosis

The above picture showing Dr. Atul Shah doing pulse diagnosis for a patient.
Very few medical doctors trained in western medicine know how to do this kind of diagnosis.
Here the pulse reading is done by holding both the arms and putting fingers on both the radial pulses.
This is part of the Acupuncture. Here at Healin' Temple, we do treatment at acupuncture points with the help of CLD(Cosmic laser device) without using any needles.
We also combine Energy Remedies with this science of healing.
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Rainbow in the city sky! Nature's art!

I took this picture while sitting in the car. It was sometime in the evening during last monsoon. The area is near Churchgate station. Actually just outside the famous Metro cinema. I suddenly notice this complete rainbow. I took the picture with my cell phone camera.
Nature is at work. I am glad to remain open and very aware about this beautiful interplay taking place around us in urban landscape. I wonder if others captured in this picture even noticed the rainbow!
Life is there for us to enjoy in these little things happening around us!
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A case of skin burns

These are the pictures of one of our patient. The picture was taken 10 days after she suffered burns. One very busy morning at home, every member of her family was screaming for her attention. She had the vessel of very hot water for bath in her hand, which she was carrying to the bathroom. And, it fell on her body. Too, too hot water on her abdomen area, thighs and legs. She suffered from skin burns, shock and buring pain.

We were very far away, across the globe in the US, finishing last week of our journey. On phone, we asked our staff to give this lady all the Energy remedies for injury and burns & Burns gel for local application. The initial appearance of skin was very bad. Was looking like a case for skin transplant later on. But the right Energy remedies did marvellous job. Just in 10 days, skin looks all healed. Hardly any scars. As if it regenerated once again perfect. No infection. No other remedies were taken. No dressing was done. We believe that at times, minimum handling is good to let body heal. Also, the dead skin layer or the layer of dead tissue works like nice, natural dressing.
Energy remedies works mainly by healing the 'Energy field' of body as first thing. The physical counter part then responds as well.
We have treated many such cases of burns. Even old burn scars can improve.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Prithvi Aman's Case

Prithvi was brought to us more than 13 years ago. He was just about a year old then. He was suffering form a rare form of eye problem. He had Keratitis, not responding to regular treatment. He was gradually losing his vision. He had photophobia. The picture above shows that he could not even keep his eyes open for photo.

We had opportunity to treat him with energy remedies. He did recover completely. Now he is a grown up boy. His mother recently brought him to our center, just to show him! Then, here is his picture! Lovely eyes. God bless him!
We can never forget such cases. His results inspired us very much to continue our work with energy remedies. Life goes on. One day, we will be no more. But as flowers die, and leave behind fragrance...we too will leave behind some smiling souls!

Breath is life!

Inhale, and God approaches you.

Hold the inhalation, and God remians with you.

Exhale, and you approach God.

Hold the exhalation, and surrender to God.

-- Krinamacharya

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There are times , when I just want to remian quiet. Be with myself.

Just be. Just breath.

To be with my God!

Morning Glory Flowers

Morning glory flowers are also known as Railway Creeper. Often they are seen along the fencing, near railway tracts. This flower remedy is good for those who find it very difficult to wake up in the morning. They are usually not fresh. Rather tired and irritable. They are typical urban yuppies and workaholic people. People who watch TV till very late in the night. Those who are having very irregular lifestyle. They tend to eat much junk food. They are usually addicted to one or other substance..tea, coffee, tobacco..etc. Their nervous system is sluggish. They don't have the natural spark in their eyes. Morning glory flower remdy brings in gently healing in body and mind. It helps one to wake up fresh and rested. Helps give up addicitons.
A simple flower with much power!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gulmohar everywhere this summer!

I love seeing Gulmohar flowers. At the peak of the season, this tree is in full bloom here in India.
I love the colour, the way it fills up the landscape and creates a beautiful carpet on the road.
Gulmohar flower remedy is helpful for the troubles arising because of the heat of summer.
Fire element is very strong at this time of the year. If your body has excessive fire element, it can be balanced on taking Gulmohar flower remedy.
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Monday, May 14, 2007

Life is Beautiful!

I took this picture when I visited Hongkong several years back. I was completely mesmerised by this tiny breathing creature! It is such a transparent being! I kept looking at it for few minutes. Our energy field also must be a bit like this only. We are breathing, we are living. There is rytham, there is pattern, there is an experience of ' I am - alive'!
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A case of Depression

This case is very interesting. She is 45 year old lady. Visited us on 3rd February 2007. Her main complains are - Depression. Lack of sleep. Fears and anxiety for last 10 years. Staring look. Puffy face.She got all these symptoms after she lost her father.She also has diabetes. Taking many medicines since all these years.
She has improved very much. Here is the video recording of her son. It is in English. It is done after completing three months of taking Energy Remedies.

Earlier, she was not interested in meeting doctor However, now she is very much ready to see the doctor. We also took note of Lithium toxicity in her. We selected Energy Remedies accordingly. Gave her each time the remedies for one month. When she visits us next, I will upload her picture.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Nail Story

I have a very interesting story to tell.
I visited UK in the summer of 2004. During the last week of August, I traveled along with my husband, Dr. Atul to south coast of England, to meet up a person. On returning, we had to catch a train from the station nearby. There was too much traffic on the way and we were delayed by few minutes. By the time, we were dropped just outside that station, I saw the train already entering the platform, will be leaving in 60 seconds. In the rush, I jumped our of the car, in a hurry to collect my luggage from the car boot. In all that rush, I closed the car door too quickly, and my little finger got caught in it.
I had ...NO TIME to pay attention to it. We just rushed towards the train. Finally got into the train, found a seat and got settled. May be two minutes elapsed before I could pay attention to my little finger of my left hand. It was very painful and already showing blood streaks under my skin. All had with me then was, Injury Remedy and Comfort Gel. I took the remedy orally, applied the gel locally. It was still hurting a lot. In few minutes, I saw my nail turn dark, but no swelling as such. I continued taking the remedy frequently and applying the gel throughout my journey. The finger was painful, and my whole attention was on it all the time.
Next morning, when I woke up, I was guessing that there might be a swollen finger. But to my surprise , there was no swelling. Just, it was painful and the black nail. I was avoiding to use that finger all the while. Then, my husband, Dr. Atul gave me a new set of remedies for healing and pain. By evening 4 PM, all the pain was gone. From then on, it was my finger, with black nail, fully functional.
Months pass by. We returned home in October. No more changes in my nail or my finger bed. It was just as it is. By the beginning of November, I was concerned about my nail. It was just the same. No sign of the black colour going or any sign of any new nail growing.
That's when I took the first picture of my nail with my digital camera. Here are the pictures.
That was on 4rth November, 2004.
Then , I started taking remedies for nail.
Next pictures taken on 27th November...shows clearly how new nail is now growing below the old one. In few weeks, nail continue to grow. The remedy worked much like a catalyst to growth. The old one separated from above and fell off. By end of January, I already had new nail, but some roughness and old nail marks.
Now today pictures taken on 16th March, 2005 shows complete new nail.
All along, my finger was functional after a day of injury. Flower/Gem energy essences are very quick in action. It also has ability to work like a catalyst in healing process that may have been halted due to shock that my little finger and all the nail cells that were injured. This story and there are many such experiences we had about healing power of flower remedies suggest that they might be useful in delayed or non-healing that occurred after injury.

Rani's story

Rani came here two years ago with hair fall. We took her picture then. There were few patches on her head, where hair loss was significant. She had tried everything, but nothing worked. With the help of energy remedies and sprays , she improved a lot. Her hairfall stopped. She actually has the patch filled up now with new hair. Below is her latest picture. She still has some patches at other areas which need attention.