Thursday, January 22, 2009

Emotional Transformation

This young man was suffering from depression, fears & anxiety, lack of sleep and negative thoughts. He was also taking alcohol, three pegs daily. After taking Energy Remedies, he is transformed in just 3 weeks. He is now going to work, getting better sleep than before, hardly any negative thoughts & no alcohol now. He looks happy & content. Right remedies work gently and also very quickly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

E T V telecast in Marathi and Gujarati

On Monday, 12th January, ETV Marathi & Gujarati did show a program on the work we have done with the Indian Flower Remedies.
I am glad media is interested in informing public about this harmless, gentle way of healing.
The young, growing up generation is exposed to this info early on. This gets them into thinking...about new ways of healing.
When I have the DVD, I will add the clip here with thier permission.

Article- Mother & Baby Magazine

Mother & Baby magazine published a very informative article on Indian Flower Remedies, and a nice picture of Healin' Temple. We have already started getting phones calls and visits from Moms and Babies!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Multi Joint Arthrits

This week, we had a very interesting case to attend to. This young girl developed arthritis 3 years ago. It is auto immune disorder. She is on steroids and chemotherapy. She had very strange history. About three years ago, she got pierced on her one of the toe by a thorn. There was swelling, followed by development of multi joint arthritis.She has now most major joints swollen, stiff. She is a very intelligent girl. But now she cannot write more. She gets tired. She cannot sit on floor. Life is difficult for her. Lets see how she progresses on energy remedies.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reflections - A Very Inspiring Book

I am very fortunate I feel. I am meeting very nice people these days. One such couple I met, is Mr. Harshad Parekh and His wife Nayana. They both are long time vegans.They gifted me this wonderful book written by Akbarali Jetha, name as Reflections. Akabar Jetha is no more now. He was a vegan by choice. He wrote this book.

Some inspirational quotes from the book:

Man's success should not be judged by
the wealth he has,
but to the extent he is at peace with himself.

If we are not happy now,
we may never be.

What pest control did Nature use
for vegetation grown underground?

The happiness that we enjoyed in childhood
was due to our state of mind,
not- due to any external factor.

All Aum Energy remedies are Vegan.

I am glad to announce that all the Aum energy remedies, including the flower remedies are Vegan. Because, we do not cut the flowers to make the remedies. We only take the healing energy of the living flower in water. During the process, we say prayers. Once it is over, we again say thank you the the tree or the plant that was used for making the remedy. We also say prayers, a day before, to the tree to yield us the healing energy.

Remedy to heal should not involve animal cruelty in any form. Our remedies are not tested on animals. No flowers are cut, therefore, we also maintain Eco-balance. Vegans are very concerned about the violence involved in the medicines making, testing on animals etc.

Lifestyle changes after being Vegan

After being Vegan, now I have made some changes in my lifestyle. The first one that came soon was, lighting the lamp (diya) everyday in vegetable oil, instead of Ghee ( Clarified butter).
Then, paying attention to my cosmetics. Earlier, it was honey based product for face massage. Now, fruit massage.
Earlier, never read the ingredients that closely, of the shampoo I used for hair, and my bath soap. Now, it is definitely, free of animal products including the lip balm, not tested on animals.
And my toothpaste is all vegetarian, I am glad.
Searching for leather, there is some in my home. I will not be buying new leather products.
My sister-in-law gifted me with a lovely pearl necklace and earrings on my last birthday. Hmmm. But now I do not wish to wear pearl.
There are enough woolen shawls and sweaters in my house already bought earlier, in case we need to use in cold winter travel through Europe or America. And my favourite black leather jacket! I will not be buying any new ones.
Being aware about these things help.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year 2009!

Last year passed too quickly. Just thought of putting here a picture of unique Healin' temple gate. This gate is made of Iron bars and Bamboo. There is place for plants. The board is above. The gate looks very welcoming. Our building has mud colour on it. It gives very earthen look. It is very unique in this whole area. We are blessed to have such a calm place to work daily.
A quiet, welcoming place for Healing mind, emotions & body.
Wish you all a very Happy, healthy 2009 Year!