Monday, May 28, 2007

Crying is good for health!

There are times when we feel sad. We feel like crying. It is better to cry. Sometimes situations don't permit us to cry. Then cry later on in privacy. But don't suppress your tears.
I often see at Healin' Temple, when we take case history of a patient , he or she feels like crying while narrating their case. A good healer is the one who listens to his patients. It is very very important that healer listens to his patient with all his attention. Crying helps the patient very much. A gentle, empathetic conversation, without any judgement passed on, heals.
Next time, if you feel like crying, do let your tears out. In the long run, you stay healthy this way. Suppressed emotions lead to long term health problems. And gladly accept that happy times and sad times are both part of life.
Happy healing!

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