Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pranav's story

Pranav is a five year old boy. He came with multiple health problems. The most important diagnosis was - Asthma. Cold, cough often. Cough with much expectoration. Fever on and off. Breathlessness. Multiple allergies. Sneezing. Blocked nose. Snoring. Watering of eyes. May be allergic to milk, or gram flour or artificial coloring. Urticaria on skin. Change of season aggravates most symtoms. Taken many medications of all kinds. But was not better with any of those. Generally introverted, quiet, fearful boy.
Given below is a short recording of Pranav's mother, speaking in Gujarati about how he has improved after 5 months.
He has improved considerably. Most of his symptoms are gone. His immunity is very good now. He eats even icecreams, occaisionally takes coloured drinks also. Has visited water parks twice recently and played for 6 hours in water, ate some junk food also. But no health problems. He is not taking any other medicines. Only the energy remedies given here at the Healin' Temple.
The picture here shown is after 5 months of energy remedies. He has now big smile on his face. He has become very confident, expressive, full of enthusiasm for life.
This is what we call as Transformation through energies!

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