Thursday, May 3, 2007

Healin' Temple Pictures

One day, about two years ago, I was reading something in newspaper. Suddenly, it struck to me..we should call our clinic as healing temple!. Because, it is indeed a healing temple! Gradually, as days and months passed by, we saw our old clinic getting completely transformed into a beautiful place, full of healing vibrations, and very calm feeling! We thought ,we must share some pictures with you to get an idea. Here are some pictures. Have a look! First you can see the entrance door. Then, the passage and cabins on the left side. On the right is the waiting area and the reception desk. See the Healin' Temple logo behind. The the artistic wrought iron benches to sit. The mud color on the walls gives very earthy look. The cushions are multicolor to add some life to the whole place. The lamp seen in between the benches is actually an old oxygen cylinder from our beloved father's old clinic, which was lying unused for years. We just got it painted and put the bamboo shade on it. The lovely little lamps on the ceiling are looking very beautiful in the night, giving a ain a very calm , mysterious look. The bells and the metal lamps near the healin' temple logo adds to the 'healing feel' of the place. The bamboo curtains on the window are also adding to the rustic look. Also a nice display unit for all our products.
The most important thing about creating this place was the divine guidance. We asked for help, and it was sent promptly. All the elements came together very quickly and the place was ready sooner than we expected. Now the place does not look like a typical doctor's clinic, but a unique sacred place for healing. A place where patients feel very comforted, healed!
To heal is to we always say!
Welcome to the Healin' Temple!

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