Sunday, May 6, 2007

Aqua Revital

Aqua Revital
(Fortified water with natural flower energies)
Very recently, it was our mother's birthday. We invited some of her friends home for dinner. We prepared Dosa for them. They are pancakes made from rice batter. A south Indian dish. Dosa came out very well, very crispy and with net all over. So every one was did we manage that? The secret of the excellant dish was, adding Aqua revital. Just few drops in batter before making it. If there is time, one can add it before leaving the batter for fermentation.
My kitchen is always having supply of a bottle of Aqua Revital.
I am using it very often in various food preparations. It is better than using soda or such chemicals.

Makes food delicious!
Given below are some more uses of Aqua Revital.

1. Add to the wheat flour while preparing dough for chapatti, bhakri, thepalas, cakes, bread or puris. All of these turn out very soft and fluffy.
2. Add to curd preparation while adding the curd to the milk. Curd is well formed and tasty. This curd, it is observed that it does not turn sour very easily, up to 4 days.
3. Add to the milk while preparing Paneer. It turns out very soft.
4. While cooking rice, add this water.Rice grains get cooked well, appear longer and soft.
5. Can also be added to vegetables while cooking.
6. Add to the batter of Dosas, Idlis, dhoklas, handvo or pancakes, Cakes and bread.
7. Use for sprouting of seeds like Mung. Sprouts grow to larger size, remain fresh longer.
8. Add to fruit juices after they are freshly prepared in juicer.

Advantages: It also reduces cooking time.

How to use this water?
You can add one capful of Aqua Revital to one cup (150ml), then use one tablespoonful (15ml) to every 1 kg or one liter of food.

How Aqua Revital is prepared?
It is prepared by adding the natural flower energies to the mineral water. The energies of flowers make the water full of vitality. When diluted Aqua Revital is added to main food preparation, it revitalizes the food preparation in such a way that it now food tastes very delicious.

What is the shelf life?
It is good for one year in sealed condition. Once the seal is broken, you should use it in one month.

What is size of the container?
200 ml.

This is what we call as transformation through energies in food!

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