Saturday, May 19, 2007

A case of skin burns

These are the pictures of one of our patient. The picture was taken 10 days after she suffered burns. One very busy morning at home, every member of her family was screaming for her attention. She had the vessel of very hot water for bath in her hand, which she was carrying to the bathroom. And, it fell on her body. Too, too hot water on her abdomen area, thighs and legs. She suffered from skin burns, shock and buring pain.

We were very far away, across the globe in the US, finishing last week of our journey. On phone, we asked our staff to give this lady all the Energy remedies for injury and burns & Burns gel for local application. The initial appearance of skin was very bad. Was looking like a case for skin transplant later on. But the right Energy remedies did marvellous job. Just in 10 days, skin looks all healed. Hardly any scars. As if it regenerated once again perfect. No infection. No other remedies were taken. No dressing was done. We believe that at times, minimum handling is good to let body heal. Also, the dead skin layer or the layer of dead tissue works like nice, natural dressing.
Energy remedies works mainly by healing the 'Energy field' of body as first thing. The physical counter part then responds as well.
We have treated many such cases of burns. Even old burn scars can improve.

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