Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Nail Story

I have a very interesting story to tell.
I visited UK in the summer of 2004. During the last week of August, I traveled along with my husband, Dr. Atul to south coast of England, to meet up a person. On returning, we had to catch a train from the station nearby. There was too much traffic on the way and we were delayed by few minutes. By the time, we were dropped just outside that station, I saw the train already entering the platform, will be leaving in 60 seconds. In the rush, I jumped our of the car, in a hurry to collect my luggage from the car boot. In all that rush, I closed the car door too quickly, and my little finger got caught in it.
I had ...NO TIME to pay attention to it. We just rushed towards the train. Finally got into the train, found a seat and got settled. May be two minutes elapsed before I could pay attention to my little finger of my left hand. It was very painful and already showing blood streaks under my skin. All had with me then was, Injury Remedy and Comfort Gel. I took the remedy orally, applied the gel locally. It was still hurting a lot. In few minutes, I saw my nail turn dark, but no swelling as such. I continued taking the remedy frequently and applying the gel throughout my journey. The finger was painful, and my whole attention was on it all the time.
Next morning, when I woke up, I was guessing that there might be a swollen finger. But to my surprise , there was no swelling. Just, it was painful and the black nail. I was avoiding to use that finger all the while. Then, my husband, Dr. Atul gave me a new set of remedies for healing and pain. By evening 4 PM, all the pain was gone. From then on, it was my finger, with black nail, fully functional.
Months pass by. We returned home in October. No more changes in my nail or my finger bed. It was just as it is. By the beginning of November, I was concerned about my nail. It was just the same. No sign of the black colour going or any sign of any new nail growing.
That's when I took the first picture of my nail with my digital camera. Here are the pictures.
That was on 4rth November, 2004.
Then , I started taking remedies for nail.
Next pictures taken on 27th November...shows clearly how new nail is now growing below the old one. In few weeks, nail continue to grow. The remedy worked much like a catalyst to growth. The old one separated from above and fell off. By end of January, I already had new nail, but some roughness and old nail marks.
Now today pictures taken on 16th March, 2005 shows complete new nail.
All along, my finger was functional after a day of injury. Flower/Gem energy essences are very quick in action. It also has ability to work like a catalyst in healing process that may have been halted due to shock that my little finger and all the nail cells that were injured. This story and there are many such experiences we had about healing power of flower remedies suggest that they might be useful in delayed or non-healing that occurred after injury.

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