Friday, June 29, 2007

Asian Koel -A new visitor at Healin' Temple

Mango season just got over. But this Asian Koel is still around. She was brought to us by a bird lover in our neighbourhood. She was injured by other birds. In the past, we have given flower energy remedies to many of his birds, dogs, cats etc. So, he was confident of help. We have already given Injury combination. So, lets see, how the wound heals!
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Organic vegetables & Fruits

Just I wrote this note on Organic food yesterday. And today, one alert patient called up and asked us to watch IBN7 news channel in the morning. The big news was...that farmers were shown injecting hormone oxytocin into vegetables and fruit! They inject this twice. First, to increase the growth of the plant. Second time, directly into vegetable or fruit to increase the size! They are particularly injected in pumpkin, watermelon, bringle and cucumber.
Oxytocin injections are also used in cattle to increase milk production! It is injected two hours before milking!
There was another story on how animal fats were used to 'create' desi ghee look, and was passed on as 'Ghee' ( Clarified butter)!
All this is very harmful to health!
It is difficult to find out the difference between organic or non-organic from what is available in the market. Also, I have found difficult to locate organic farmer growing vegetables and supplying to our city.
May God save us from all this!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Organic Farmer

Our friend Venkat Iyer sent us an sms yesterday regarding organic ground nut oil, organic mung beans, Urad Dal and Sesame (Til ) oil available from his farm. Venkat is 42 year friend, was working in IBM company, decided to leave that job, and become a full time organic farmer! He is a farmer now for last 4 years. He has a farm near Dahanu. From not having much knowledge about farming, now he is a full time farmer! I have been using many of the foods that he grows. I appreciate the difference between a refined ground nut oil and just filtered ground nut oil. I have also used brown rice. Also Chikoo and poha.
My brother Asit has a farm too near Umbergaon and grows all organic. If you taste papaya or mango from his farm, you will not eat any other! They are so ...tasty!
Whenever possible, we try to use organic food. It is important to not to add more chemicals in our body. Chemical pesticides and fertilisers used to grow some of the food items can be harmful for health. What Venkat says ' The satisfaction I have got exceeds all limits. The kicks I get from farming, is much more than cracking software.'
Thanks Venkat for being a farmer! We can eat good food ! What you do is very important for us!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Positive Air Device

This is the picture of the device that we have developed many years ago. This device is used to 'energize' air. Often, these days, many places have air conditioning machine. That means breathing air that comes from the machine. It has been observed that number of positive ions in air increases where there is air conditioning and a lot of electronic gadgets like computers. That may be the cause of constant fatigue at work places. We need more negative ions in the air. After putting this device on the wall, we observed a few things.
Air quality feels better. Bad odour reduces. Cob webs may be less. Mildew built up may be less. VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) in air may be less. People feel less tired. 4 such devices for office area or home of about 2500 square feet is good. One device to be stuck on wall, in each corner preferably. May be helpful for allergies and persons who have breathing difficulties.
It has been observed that there is indeed more chemicals in the city air due to pollution, and therefore less 'Prana' in the air. That is why we need to visit countryside to get some 'Prana', where five elements are at its best!
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Shinrin Yoku, roughly translated from Japanese, means "forest air breathing".

Now that monsoon is set, this is one activity that I am looking forward to do.

Japanese researchers have discovered that when diabetic patients walk through the forest, their blood sugar drops to healthier levels.

Another study revealed that forest environments are advantageous with respect to acute emotions, especially among those experiencing chronic stress. Accordingly, shinrin-yoku may be employed as a stress reduction method, and forest environments can be viewed as therapeutic landscapes.

Shinrin-yoku (walking and/or staying in forests in order to promote health) is a major form of relaxation in Japan.

120 chemcials are found in forest air. Many of them are beneficial to health.

So, time to time, it will be nice to get away to countryside just to breath healthy air and rejuvenate our minds and body.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nature comes alive!

Just noticed some mushrooms in our Healin' Temple's small garden. Mushrooms usually grow where there is lot of dampness. Certainly, now that monsoon season just started, nature truly comes alive in this part of the world. I do see all leaves of trees around look green. Our neighbour's garden is full of green grass, a lovely sight! Also, I am too fond of listening to rain droplets falling from leaves! I am eagerly awaiting for some frogs and earthworms to visit us! It is dark because of clouds during day. I hear sounds of lightening from sky. It provokes very exciting, joyous feeling in my heart. Water does heal and make us happy!

Enjoy every bit of interplay and display in nature!

Happy Monsoon!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cat Allergy

Here is the case of cat allergy.

This picture is sent by my friend from UK. She is describing her condition in following words.

'we have just got a kitten who is very gorgeous but I am having horrible allergic symptoms (sore throat, Bronchospasm, runny nose , itchy eyes) - I notice your allergy remedy- do you you have anything specific for cat allergy or shall I try the generic allergy remedy?? Please let me know'

About twenty years ago, I remember myself visitng a doctor's clinic for some work. This doctor kept many cats. I got allergic reaction to his cats. I had severe itching of my eyelashes and watering of eyes. I knew immediately, that I was allergic to those cats. But since then, this has not happened to me again. In fact, we have a few stray cats visitng our garden daily. One of them even dared to sit on my chair! But no allergies to these cats.
We have treated many allergies cases in the past. The answer lies in strengthening the immune system. The Flower Energy remedies can help in overcoming allergies.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colour bottles at Healin' Temple

This is the picture of the colour bottles kept at the Display box. The flower pots above are only for decoration purpose.
Almost all visitors to Healin' Temple are asked to have a look at the colour bottles kept at one of the display box. It is very interesting to note that in most cases, the choice of colour is very right. For example, about two weeks ago we had a visitor who selected pink/clear colour bottle. That time, we suggested to her that she might be having some problem in the perineum area. It can be either constipation, piles, may be urinary bladder or menstrual problem. She said there was not anything that she is aware of. But, as I met her yesterday...she related this to me. Just the day after she selected the pink colour, she came down with bad urinary tract infection!
Her colour choice was right. There was already functional disturbance in the area. Thus the right colour hunger!

There is a colour chart of body that we show to them after this to explain their choice and which area of body may be affected.

Those who choose green colour may have problem around heart, lungs, breasts, upper part of abdomen, liver etc. Asthmatics often choose green colour so also those who are heart hurt!

So this is the colour hunger of your body telling a lot about your health!

Intrauterine Life!

Intrauterine Life! This is what we find is forming now very important part of the case history taking. Especially, when we get small children as our patients. We want to know, how was mother's physical, mental and emotional condition during pregnancy.
We think, it is important to know, what was the physical, emotional and mental condition of the father during the preceding three months of conception. So, three months of father and nine months of mother are very important for the development of child.
Invariably, we find that if a baby is not growing properly in mother's womb, there are many causes behind it. Either mother is going through a lot of emotional stress, is depressed or overworked , may be insecure. It is what a baby can 'become'. The first layer of Onion is coming from here! ( Onion here is a symbol, as we have many layers of emotional / mental conditions covering us during our lifetime.) The inner most layer, core layer is probably at the intrauterine life. While treating our patients, it is important to know what emotions were embedded at the core level. Then, we can select appropriate flower energy remedies. We have seen major transformation in personality of our patients when right remedies are given. Also, there is major improvement in health. Multiple allergies, asthma, fearful nature, learning disability, skin problems etc. can have origin from intrauterine life.
A baby in the womb is listening and absorbing all the aware!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

EFT Workshop

Last weekend, a wonderful workshop was organised at the Healin' temple. It was on the subject of ' Self Enhancement through EFT '. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. This system of healing originated in USA. The founder is Gary Craig. The facilitator for this workshop was Jasmine Bharathan. She is a very good teacher. Everyone just loved spending time learning both the days. Jasmine is seen third from the left, standing in blue jeans. To know more about her work, visit her website.
At Healin' Temple, we intend to organise more such workshops from time to time. If you wish to attend any workshops, do register with us early.
Workshops are a great way to learn and share. Don't miss out this opportunity.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Water Chestnut or Shingora

These days, this particular vegetable item is easily available with fruit vendor. He sells it raw which look green in color from outside or cooked, which looked black from outside. I like both to eat.
I took the pictures to show the shape here. We feel that the shape resembles urinary bladder and urethra. This tuber grows in water. So applying the knowledge of Doctrine of Signatures, we believe that this tuber may be useful for problems associated with urinary bladder and urethra. We are still researching its usefulness. We may use just the tuber for energy or we may take also the leaf energy to make an 'Energy Remedy' . Then try to learn about its healing property.
Nature communicates with us in many ways. This is one way!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Addiction to cell phones

At Healin' Temple, we have a sign that says 'no cell phone talking here' Maintain the Silence at this place. But still we find patients so obsessed with their cell phones, that they refuse to listen to our request! Some of them carry two cell phones. ( I guess one each for each ear to listen. But got only one mouth to talk!) Are we progressing as individual by doing this?
How do you expect your doctor to seriously concentrate on YOUR health issues when you are too busy talking on phone? I wonder how you can expect to concentrate on YOUR health when you are so preoccupied with your phone?

Cell phone addiction needs to be treated first I guess.
Most have quickly learnt to use the phone but not the cell phone etiquette.
As it is, we know cell phones can harm our energy field in the long run. Pay attention to the whole issue of switching off and switching on the phone as required. It is directly related to our body faculties switching on and off as required.
How can you expect to improve your health, if you use your body & mind 24/7/365 without rest? Even, your cell phone battery needs charging. What about your own body batteries?

Those who are addicted have time to answer cell phones but no time for families or close friend. In fact that also happens via cell phone! When a cell phone is lost, there is panic attack! Hmmm.

I see it a big disease of our time now. I laugh and say that future babies will be born with a mini cell attached to their ears!

So, friends, do learn to switch off when required!!!

Chemical cocktail

We get many kinds of patients. Some of them have very challenging health condition. They are indeed very difficult to treat. Sometimes we get patients who are suffering from simple health problems but are taking too many medicines.
For example, A case I got last week. Following medicines are taken daily.
For hyper acidity - enough antacids, finishing a bottle in two days.
Other strong two or three medications to reduce acidity.
One for digestion.
One for vertigo.
One for reducing weight. ( Weight increasing because of excess milk intake which is supposed to help in reducing acidity.)
Two or three pain killers as required on and off for all kinds of pains in body, headache etc.
Of course some iron and calcium tablets to make sure body gets enough supply.
And vitamins to overcome constant tiredness.
Some ayurvedic preparation like health vitaliser.
A gel to get over constipation.
Some hormonal tablets for menstrual problems.
May be some more creams and lotions for local application.

This is what is entering in body by choice daily.
Taking too many chemical medicines can cause drug interactions, side effects and can cause liver as well as kidney overload. Body gets confused. So also one's thinking ability, memory etc.

This is a case of chemical addiction. We do help such patients to gradually give up all these chemical medicines. With the help of appropriate Flower Remedies, we can help them to gently over come their dependency. We need to first clean up the system of all these chemicals. We made a formula of 'Energy Remedies' called as 'Cleansing AL'.
This remedy may help in detoxification.
There is also disturbance of micro flora in the large intestine.
Hyper acidity is usually a lifestyle problem in urban population. The reasons are simply stated as 'Hurry, worry and curry'. Also lack of physical exercise is adding to the problem.
Read an article on hyperacidity from our old newsletter.
So, look for lifestyle modification and gentler solutions for your health problems.
Flower energy remedies can help.
Don't just pop those chemical pill.........or pills.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Patient Hearing!

'To listen is so difficult. To listen means to be here, now. To listen means to be without any thought. To listen means to be alert and aware. If these conditions are fulfilled, only then you listen.' ---say Osho.

Observe this. Is your doctor listening to you or not? It is so important to be empathetic towards patient. A patient should feel at the end of his visit to doctor, that his doctor did hear him patiently. A good patient listening, an empty mind from fixed ideas about diagnosis helps. It leads us to take a very good history of patient. This helps in leading a doctor to determine the cause of illness.
We know that a patient must feel very comfortable when telling us ALL about his health, which includes some information about his life as well. As we have Holistic approach towards health, we insist on patient sharing all important information about his life.
From experience we know suppressed anger may cause liver problems.
Hidden fears may lead to kidney disorders.
Silent grief may cause heart burn.
Excessive stress may cause high blood pressure or blood sugar imbalance.
Mind, emotions and body are linked totally.
A good hearing also heals. Here, at Healin' Temple, we make sure we give enough time to our patient to 'hear' him well. Many of them start feeling better right here!
At Healin' Temple, we try to maintain a 'Silence Zone' and prevent others to use cell phones which disturbs us as doctors and other patients. If they need to, they can go out in the garden and use it.
Therefore 'first listen, then pat him on his back, and then give him remedies if needed'. This is what a good doctor does!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Healing Power Of Pipal Tree

This tree is commonly seen in India. It is also called as Bo tree. Botanical name is Ficus Religiosa.

It is a sacred tree to Hindus. It is one of the longest living trees. Lord Buddha found enlightenment while sitting under this tree. It is also known as The Bodhi Tree. It is also called as tree of knowledge.Flowers are hidden inside the figs of this tree. We are lucky to have one at Healin' Temple.

Pipal tree is also called as Kalpvruksha, as all parts of this tree are very useful. It is believed that if you sit under Pipal tree regularly, your health will improve and you will live longer. The tree gives a lot of Prana which is good for health. If you meditate while sitting under the Pipal tree, you can get nearer to the Divine. You can be free from worries. You feel blissful.

When we were children, we used to always do 'pranam' to the Pipal tree. We also used to store the leaf of Pipal inside our book and sincerely believed that we get knowledge by doing this!

In Ayurveda, nearly all parts of this tree are used as medicine.

Such powerful is the 'healing energy' of Pipal tree! So, do pay attention when you see a Pipal tree in your neighbourhood! Spend some time under this tree!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nutritional Supplements are not always safe!

Study: Iron pills during pregnancy harms child.
A very interesting story is published in yesterday's The Times of India, page 19. It says ' For more than 20 years, mothers-to-be have been advised to take iron supplements, althought the food standards Agency now recommneds they get the mineral from a balanced diet rather than tablets'. The reason- ' Women are being warned that taking iron pills during pregnacy could do them more harm than good.' 'Unless a pregnant woman is anaemic, say doctors, extra iron could cause her to develop high blood pressure, which in turnmay lead to her baby being born smaller'.

We have been telling this to all our patients all along. Don't just pop those supplements too easily. Such supplements are available over the counter. Therefore, chances of self medication are higher. So next time do think before you take any supplements.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Voice of Alternative Medicines

We visited Burton Goldberg, the Voice of Alternative Medicines in USA. He was the one who published the Alternative Medicine Magazine in USA. He also published the Big reference book of Alternative Medicine. He has indeed brought these medicines into limelight. He took our radio interview during our last visit to USA. However, we prefer to use the word Complementary medicine instead of Alternative Medicine.

He has used some of our products. The above picture shows him listening to all our new research work.

Visit Burton's website to know more about his work.

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