Monday, December 29, 2008

Protein supplements- side effects

Very recently, a patient came with very interesting symptoms.
He is only 26 years old. He is suffering from high blood pressure and migraine headaches for last two years. He is so young to have high BP. So, we decided to do complete body check up including his kidney function. Results are awaited. Meanwhile, I was very curious about his lifestyle and diet. I wanted to find out, how come a young person like him landed up with such bad health? I found out.....that more than two years ago, he joined a gymnasium. He wanted to develop muscles, just like the ones we see these days male film actors showing off on screen.
He was given three different protein powders, from three different companies. These he took for three months. Then he stopped going to gym. He gained a lot of weight after this. And, high BP as well as migraine headaches.
I just found out that creatine in the protein powers can cause high BP to those whose kidneys are weak already.
No one at the gym is bothered to know more about you...they just prescribe!
Food is so important...what we eat...we become! Don't take it lightly.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bean coffee

I tried making coffee from soybeans. I soaked soybeans overnight. Next day, drained all the water. Use a tawa / flat pan to roast the beans on a very low heat. Took almost 90 minutes to get brown colour. We have to make sure, it is coffee brown colour, and not black or burnt. It can be also done in an oven. May take up to 4 hours, at 140 C or 300 F. I haven't tried it. Then cool and make powder. Use 1 or 2 tablespoon of this powder per one cup of water. Simmer, but not boil, gently for 5 minutes. Add soy milk. Sugar as required.

Taste like coffee but it is caffeine free. For some of us who still crave coffee taste and love aroma of coffee!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Tea & Coffee addiction

Since many months, we have given up drinking tea or coffee. We used to drink two cups of tea daily, with animal milk, for years. After stopping it completely, I observed a remarkable change in one of my symptom. I used to have diuretic effect of tea. That means, going to pass urine in large quantity after morning tea. Then gradually, I also observed that my bladder control was less. I had to frequently visit the loo. There was some nervousness also with it. Now, this is completely reversed. My bladder strength is now as good as I remember I had, as a child studying in school. Back to normal.
Tea or coffee is stimulating the adrenal gland each time we drink it. Our body interprets it as stress. Do we need this?
We take herbal tea every morning. No animal milk added.
It is made with Mint, Ginger, Fennel,Cardamom, Tulsi and chemical free jeggary added as required.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

World Peace Diet - Book

A very nice book I am reading right now is called as 'World Peace Diet' by Dr. Will Tuttle. I was given a cd of the talks given by Dr. Tuttle at the Pea vs Pills workshop seminar. I listened to it, was very impressed and inspired. So, I searched the net, found the website and the book written by this author. It is very kind of the author to let us download the whole book in PDF format. I am reading it everyday. All that he writes makes sense. After being Vegan, I started noticing changes in my mind and body, totally unexpected. I decided to be a vegan with very open mind. The results are very good. Therefore, I started reading the book. The book describes a lot in detail about food's influence on us. The book can be downloaded from the website
My brother has become a vegan too. He has just heard me mentioning a bit about milk and violence to animals. He decided to give it a try. He stopped taking all the animal milk products. And from, literally day 1 onwards he saw change in his health. He had chronic sinusitis. His nose was always congested. That started clearing up. now he is free from this. He feels less tired. His memory is also improving. He is now completely convinced about health benefits of Vegan diet. He also told me that he used feel some kind of sadness & depression always at the back of his mind, all these years. He did not know what it was. Apparently everything going good in life, but this sadness, heaviness was always there. Now, that is gone. It is replaced by a sense of peace, calm. He has less aches & pains in his body.
Something for me...a doctor to learn!
Animal milk is Kaphajanya ( Mucus forming), according to Ayurveda also. So, when you stop taking animal milk, your exceesive kapha disturbance improves.
Drinking a sad animals milk can only make us sad.

Monday, December 1, 2008

comfort gel for frozen shoulder

Here is the video film, demonstrating, how to apply comfort gel locally for frozen shoulder.
This patient improved completely just in few days.