Friday, May 18, 2007

Prithvi Aman's Case

Prithvi was brought to us more than 13 years ago. He was just about a year old then. He was suffering form a rare form of eye problem. He had Keratitis, not responding to regular treatment. He was gradually losing his vision. He had photophobia. The picture above shows that he could not even keep his eyes open for photo.

We had opportunity to treat him with energy remedies. He did recover completely. Now he is a grown up boy. His mother recently brought him to our center, just to show him! Then, here is his picture! Lovely eyes. God bless him!
We can never forget such cases. His results inspired us very much to continue our work with energy remedies. Life goes on. One day, we will be no more. But as flowers die, and leave behind fragrance...we too will leave behind some smiling souls!

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