Thursday, December 17, 2009

Child Speech

This girl is about 5 year old. Her mother brought her to us. She said that her daughter is not speaking any words at all. She tried doctors & all the therapies including speech therapy, but no result. After using flower remedies just for a month, this girl is talking! She is talking a few words now. Flower remedies are also good for those who are slow in speaking, slow learners, those who stammer or those who are unable to express themselves with clarity.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Animals as Patients at Healin' Temple

These are some of the images of the animal patients who visit us. Dogs, cats, birds..flower energy remedies are working on them faster than us humans because they don't have complicated mind like ours....they cannot speak like us, but we do communicate with them. When they get well, it is a great pleasure!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy, Healthy Diwali!

Diwali Kandeel's display at Dadar! We love to visit Dadar area of Mumbai during Diwali days. Lovely lights, vendors selling all that we need for Diwali, lights, Rangloli colours, sweets, clothes..!
Diwali Rangoli at the Healin' Temple! Wish you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting Assistance Gel

Last week was the week of fasting for many Jains across the globe. Jains follow the path of harmlessness, kindness to all. They are all vegetarians, however they do consume dairy. A lot of jains are fasting for 8 days or more just on boiled water. Sometimes, fasting without water for a day. I have seen even young children fasting for 8 days. How does this happen? I guess, spiritual faith helps to go through the experience. However, during fasting, each day some symptoms do appear depending on the health of each individual. The reason is...during fasting, truly cleansing of body starts. Urine smells, perspiration smells, dark colour, foul smelling stools, mouth also smells. Restlessness in body, vomiting of acidic fluid from the stomach etc. The persons who are fasting do not take any oral they are fasting. So, we made a gel for them to apply locally. It is called as fasting assistance gel. We have given this away free to those who are fasting during these sacred days. Just two days ago we go a very impressive phone call from a first time user of this gel. On the seventh night of his fasting, he was in too much if his stomach is on fire! He was almost ready to break his fast! Someone gave him this gel to apply. Within minutes of application, his burning, hot sensation of fire in stomach went away. He went to sleep. Woke up fresh next morning. And he completed his fast of 8 days. He called up to share his experience with us! The gel directly works on the Solar Chakra, which is undergoing a cleansing and balancing process while fasting is going on. This gel quickly balances the energetic imbalance and indiirectly helping physical body symptoms. Fasting assistance formula is the one we are selling in our catalogue for many years with very positive results. Fasting is time of resting, cleansing and rejuvenating. This formula made from flower remedies is a gentle help for the healing!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Psoriasis - good results

Here are the pictures of arm of a female patient. Diagnosis- Psoriasis. Incidentally, she has worn the same dress as she wore before. Responded well in just 10 weeks. Psoriasis is a known psychosomatic disorder. Mind does influence body. This patient was undergoing a lot of stress when she developed this condition initially. Later on, stress eased out, but skin did not improve. With Energy Remedies, she has improved mentally, emotionally and physically. She feels positive and confident. Healing should always be gentle, safe and hopefully fast.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

HIV Positive With Skin Condition

This patient is taking only Energy Remedies for last 18 years. He cannot afford any allopathic mediicnes. He is living very active life. Recently he developed skin condition, which responded also well to Energy remedies.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Sensitive Plant- Healing Properties

Here are the three pictures of the Sensitive Plant. The first picture shows the plant with lovely small pink colour flowers. Second picture shows, the leaves of the plant as it is. The third one, I touched...and all the leaves curled. This plant is very 'sensitive'. It is also called as Lajwanti, Lajamni or chhui-Mui in local languages. Also called as Humble plant or the shame plant or Touch-me-not. Botanical name is Mimosa pudica.For those who are very sensitive, shy, fearful...hiding from social interaction. Fear goes to kidneys. So, it may be useful in urinary complaints.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ist July is Doctor's Day!

Yesterday was Doctor's day. Well, we thought our services are taken for granted. Who will remember us?? Our patients remember us only when they are sick I guessed! But I was wrong. There were some who called to wish. One patient makes it a point to call us the first in the morning of Doctor's day! So, nice. Got many SMS to wish us also and towards the end of the day, these flowers! Flowers to flower remedies doctors! Feel good! We are otherwise also inspired to continue our work of healing our patients. Thank you all!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Reumatoid arthritis improving

This little girl is diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. She was already taking corticosteroids for last one year. She developed many side effects. So, her mother decided to try other therapy. She was brought to us by the postman who regularly delivers our post since many years. He had some idea that we treat rare, difficult patients,and that people come from all over the world for the remedies here at Healin' Temple. It has been few months now since she is taking Energy remedies. She has improved a lot. Her flexibility, her pain, swelling, all much better.We have gradually reduced the dosage of corticosteroids & other pain killers. She is a very intelligent girl. She gets more than 90% marks in exams. But difficulty in writing...because of pain is a challenge for her. But she has improved a lot. Here the above video shows the same. Below is the old video clip taken in January this year when she came.

We are very optimistic that she will not require any corticosteroids any more. This is auto immune disease. Once immune system is healthy, her disease should be all gone. She is so young. We wish her healthy, long life!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dog's gentle healing

I am a vegan. I respect animals. I can feel their emotions very strongly. Last week, one of our patient, who is very kind hearted, requested us to give Energy remedies to his dog. He took the picture with his cell phone, showed us how was the wound. The first dose itself started having good effect on this dog. The second picture taken in few days shows good healing. Then the third picture taken shows a lot of healing of the wound. Here, the last picture is put first. Aum Energy remedies are all vegan. No animals are ever used for testing of our remedies. None of our energy remedies contain any animal parts.

To an animal who cannot speak like us.....kindness and gentle remedies help.

By the way this dog is named Babubhai.....

Monday, June 29, 2009

Life & Death!

Nature teaches about life & death all the time!
Being doctors, we do see life very closely and death too! It is possible that in one day one of our patient delivers a baby, and same day you lose a patient. For us, this is life! You do not hide anything from God and...your doctor. When patients share their life story, their problems with us...we know life as it is. Nothing is hidden from us. And God grants us the ability to stay calm amidst all these. Yesterday, visited my aunt who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This morning, news that a dear friend is no more. He died last night! We spent much time talking, sharing about things in life just few days ago! And, there are more phone calls since morning to attend to various patients.....with various problems...What helps is.....taking flower remedies, and meditating a few minutes, praying for good health & life to all..... whenever time permits.
And, then get ready to handle some Healin' Temple!

Flower remedies during pregnancy

Dr. Atul, holding twins. Mother of these twins was given flower remedies through out the pregnancy. We have made flower remedies combinations, one for each month of pregnancy. Both the babies are very healthy. Through the pregnancy, there was no major health problem to mother. Remedies given will help even in teething later on in life for these boys. Dr. Atul used to joke to are paying me for one person's remedies, but three of you are getting treated! Flower remedies are known to be very safe also during pregnancy. We have nine formulae for nine months. We also have some formulae for easy birthing & some formulae for regaining health after delivery.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuberous Sclerosis Follow Up1

Here is the latest picture taken, shows no external tumour. She has continued to improve. Her ability to learn is enhanced now. She is not getting any epileptic episodes. She is very playful.
To read her previous story, click here. Below is the little video taken.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tadgola for Urinary Bladder

This is picture of 'Tadgola'. I love this fruit. It contains water inside. This looks like urinary bladder in human body. So, I feel it should help in the problems of urinary bladder. This is fruit of the tree called as Toddy Palm. Botanical name is Borassus flabellifer.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lecture at Nirmala Niketan

Last Saturday, we were invited to talk to young students of Nirmala Niketan. They were very attentive to the new information on 'Energy World' and its application in medicine as well as food industry. The questions some of them asked were indeed very interesting. I have a lot of hope on this young generation who should be open to the concept of ''Energy Healing' and take it further. Dr. Sejal Shah also accompanied us for this talk and she also answered some of the questions pertaining Nano technology and Nano medicine. This is future...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Summer is here!

Its hot, hot, hot all the time here in Mumbai, India. We keep sweating all the time. Feel like drinking something cold. I love summer. I love Sun. Even if it is too hot all the time. I love summer for the lovely colours of flowers on the trees. One such is the copper pod ( Peltophorum inerme) on my road where I live. The flowers are bright yellow colour. They gently fall on the ground, creating a nice yellow carpet. I love standing under this tree with gentle cool air blowing in the afternoon. Nature's cycles are so perfect.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tuberous Sclerosis - A rare case

These are pictures of this 15 month old girl. She is diagnosed with a genetic condition called as Tuberous Sclerosis. She was brought with complain of epileptic attacks. The best of allopathic medicines could not keep these attacks under control. Further investigations diagnosed her as' Tuberous Sclerosis'.
Tuberous sclerosis or tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) is a rare, multi-system genetic disease that causes benign tumours to grow in the brain and on other vital organs such as the kidneys, heart, eyes, lungs, and skin. A combination of symptoms may include seizures, developmental delay, behavioural problems, skin abnormalities, lung and kidney disease. TSC is caused by mutations on either of two genes, TSC1 and TSC2, which encode for the proteins hamartin and tuberin respectively. These proteins act as tumour growth suppressors, agents that regulate cell proliferation and differentiation.
She responded to Energy Remedies very quickly. The tumour on her head was of larger size. This picture was taken a week after it reduced a lot. ( We did not expect such quick result, therefore we never took her first picture showing the tumour). Now, the tumour is not visible. She did not get any epileptic attacks once we started her on Energy remedies. This is...not seen in medical history. It will take awhile for us to figure out, how, why of this case. The recent change in Energy remedies, is addition of Nano Science to all remedies. Thus new Nano Medicines seem to work faster, gentle and accurate.
Feel very satisfied!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rui flowers for courage

This is picture of Deepa, our staff member. She got married on Sunday, 15th March. She is wearing special flowers on her face. They are Swallow wart and Galgota.

The swallow wart flowers are also called as Mandara. or giant milk weed. These flowers are offered to Lord Hanuman on Saturdays. Hanuman is deity of courage, so also the flower essence made form these flowers make one courageous. Now that, she is getting married, and uprooted from one place, going to become one with a new family, she will need inner courage. May be that is why, a garland made from Mandara used for her face decoration. Use Mandara flowers for courage!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Emotional Transformation

This young man was suffering from depression, fears & anxiety, lack of sleep and negative thoughts. He was also taking alcohol, three pegs daily. After taking Energy Remedies, he is transformed in just 3 weeks. He is now going to work, getting better sleep than before, hardly any negative thoughts & no alcohol now. He looks happy & content. Right remedies work gently and also very quickly.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

E T V telecast in Marathi and Gujarati

On Monday, 12th January, ETV Marathi & Gujarati did show a program on the work we have done with the Indian Flower Remedies.
I am glad media is interested in informing public about this harmless, gentle way of healing.
The young, growing up generation is exposed to this info early on. This gets them into thinking...about new ways of healing.
When I have the DVD, I will add the clip here with thier permission.

Article- Mother & Baby Magazine

Mother & Baby magazine published a very informative article on Indian Flower Remedies, and a nice picture of Healin' Temple. We have already started getting phones calls and visits from Moms and Babies!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Multi Joint Arthrits

This week, we had a very interesting case to attend to. This young girl developed arthritis 3 years ago. It is auto immune disorder. She is on steroids and chemotherapy. She had very strange history. About three years ago, she got pierced on her one of the toe by a thorn. There was swelling, followed by development of multi joint arthritis.She has now most major joints swollen, stiff. She is a very intelligent girl. But now she cannot write more. She gets tired. She cannot sit on floor. Life is difficult for her. Lets see how she progresses on energy remedies.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Reflections - A Very Inspiring Book

I am very fortunate I feel. I am meeting very nice people these days. One such couple I met, is Mr. Harshad Parekh and His wife Nayana. They both are long time vegans.They gifted me this wonderful book written by Akbarali Jetha, name as Reflections. Akabar Jetha is no more now. He was a vegan by choice. He wrote this book.

Some inspirational quotes from the book:

Man's success should not be judged by
the wealth he has,
but to the extent he is at peace with himself.

If we are not happy now,
we may never be.

What pest control did Nature use
for vegetation grown underground?

The happiness that we enjoyed in childhood
was due to our state of mind,
not- due to any external factor.

All Aum Energy remedies are Vegan.

I am glad to announce that all the Aum energy remedies, including the flower remedies are Vegan. Because, we do not cut the flowers to make the remedies. We only take the healing energy of the living flower in water. During the process, we say prayers. Once it is over, we again say thank you the the tree or the plant that was used for making the remedy. We also say prayers, a day before, to the tree to yield us the healing energy.

Remedy to heal should not involve animal cruelty in any form. Our remedies are not tested on animals. No flowers are cut, therefore, we also maintain Eco-balance. Vegans are very concerned about the violence involved in the medicines making, testing on animals etc.

Lifestyle changes after being Vegan

After being Vegan, now I have made some changes in my lifestyle. The first one that came soon was, lighting the lamp (diya) everyday in vegetable oil, instead of Ghee ( Clarified butter).
Then, paying attention to my cosmetics. Earlier, it was honey based product for face massage. Now, fruit massage.
Earlier, never read the ingredients that closely, of the shampoo I used for hair, and my bath soap. Now, it is definitely, free of animal products including the lip balm, not tested on animals.
And my toothpaste is all vegetarian, I am glad.
Searching for leather, there is some in my home. I will not be buying new leather products.
My sister-in-law gifted me with a lovely pearl necklace and earrings on my last birthday. Hmmm. But now I do not wish to wear pearl.
There are enough woolen shawls and sweaters in my house already bought earlier, in case we need to use in cold winter travel through Europe or America. And my favourite black leather jacket! I will not be buying any new ones.
Being aware about these things help.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year 2009!

Last year passed too quickly. Just thought of putting here a picture of unique Healin' temple gate. This gate is made of Iron bars and Bamboo. There is place for plants. The board is above. The gate looks very welcoming. Our building has mud colour on it. It gives very earthen look. It is very unique in this whole area. We are blessed to have such a calm place to work daily.
A quiet, welcoming place for Healing mind, emotions & body.
Wish you all a very Happy, healthy 2009 Year!