Saturday, May 5, 2007

Aseem's Story

Aseem is 12 year old boy. He was a premature baby. He is very intelligent as such. In fact, he won many medals at various chess competitions.
Since last year, it was observed that he was taking too long to study. He could not recollect what he read. He was also very anxious about his tests at school. He had to read aloud in order to study any subject or to remember. That means his auditory memory was better than visual memory. Since he had to spend many hours just studying various subjects, he hardly got any time to play. He was also complaining of feeling giddy at times. He was getting third rank at school in his class. His language skill was poor, but mathematical skill was good. He was making small, silly mistakes. He was showing some signs of being dyslexic.
After taking the energy remedies, he showed great improvement in his behaviour as well as studies. He actually stood first in his class last time. He got 97 and 98 marks in some subjects. ( how accurate he became in writting his answers!) His confidence is at all time high now.
The transformation that took place is noticeable by all. He was already a clever boy. Energy remedies did help bring out some more hidden potential in him as well as improved his concentration in whatever he did. His anxiety is all gone. He is able to find time to play and enjoy his life fully!

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