Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Positive Air Device

This is the picture of the device that we have developed many years ago. This device is used to 'energize' air. Often, these days, many places have air conditioning machine. That means breathing air that comes from the machine. It has been observed that number of positive ions in air increases where there is air conditioning and a lot of electronic gadgets like computers. That may be the cause of constant fatigue at work places. We need more negative ions in the air. After putting this device on the wall, we observed a few things.
Air quality feels better. Bad odour reduces. Cob webs may be less. Mildew built up may be less. VOCs ( Volatile Organic Compounds) in air may be less. People feel less tired. 4 such devices for office area or home of about 2500 square feet is good. One device to be stuck on wall, in each corner preferably. May be helpful for allergies and persons who have breathing difficulties.
It has been observed that there is indeed more chemicals in the city air due to pollution, and therefore less 'Prana' in the air. That is why we need to visit countryside to get some 'Prana', where five elements are at its best!
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