Thursday, June 21, 2007

Intrauterine Life!

Intrauterine Life! This is what we find is forming now very important part of the case history taking. Especially, when we get small children as our patients. We want to know, how was mother's physical, mental and emotional condition during pregnancy.
We think, it is important to know, what was the physical, emotional and mental condition of the father during the preceding three months of conception. So, three months of father and nine months of mother are very important for the development of child.
Invariably, we find that if a baby is not growing properly in mother's womb, there are many causes behind it. Either mother is going through a lot of emotional stress, is depressed or overworked , may be insecure. It is what a baby can 'become'. The first layer of Onion is coming from here! ( Onion here is a symbol, as we have many layers of emotional / mental conditions covering us during our lifetime.) The inner most layer, core layer is probably at the intrauterine life. While treating our patients, it is important to know what emotions were embedded at the core level. Then, we can select appropriate flower energy remedies. We have seen major transformation in personality of our patients when right remedies are given. Also, there is major improvement in health. Multiple allergies, asthma, fearful nature, learning disability, skin problems etc. can have origin from intrauterine life.
A baby in the womb is listening and absorbing all the aware!

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