Friday, June 22, 2007

Cat Allergy

Here is the case of cat allergy.

This picture is sent by my friend from UK. She is describing her condition in following words.

'we have just got a kitten who is very gorgeous but I am having horrible allergic symptoms (sore throat, Bronchospasm, runny nose , itchy eyes) - I notice your allergy remedy- do you you have anything specific for cat allergy or shall I try the generic allergy remedy?? Please let me know'

About twenty years ago, I remember myself visitng a doctor's clinic for some work. This doctor kept many cats. I got allergic reaction to his cats. I had severe itching of my eyelashes and watering of eyes. I knew immediately, that I was allergic to those cats. But since then, this has not happened to me again. In fact, we have a few stray cats visitng our garden daily. One of them even dared to sit on my chair! But no allergies to these cats.
We have treated many allergies cases in the past. The answer lies in strengthening the immune system. The Flower Energy remedies can help in overcoming allergies.

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