Monday, June 4, 2007

Healing Power Of Pipal Tree

This tree is commonly seen in India. It is also called as Bo tree. Botanical name is Ficus Religiosa.

It is a sacred tree to Hindus. It is one of the longest living trees. Lord Buddha found enlightenment while sitting under this tree. It is also known as The Bodhi Tree. It is also called as tree of knowledge.Flowers are hidden inside the figs of this tree. We are lucky to have one at Healin' Temple.

Pipal tree is also called as Kalpvruksha, as all parts of this tree are very useful. It is believed that if you sit under Pipal tree regularly, your health will improve and you will live longer. The tree gives a lot of Prana which is good for health. If you meditate while sitting under the Pipal tree, you can get nearer to the Divine. You can be free from worries. You feel blissful.

When we were children, we used to always do 'pranam' to the Pipal tree. We also used to store the leaf of Pipal inside our book and sincerely believed that we get knowledge by doing this!

In Ayurveda, nearly all parts of this tree are used as medicine.

Such powerful is the 'healing energy' of Pipal tree! So, do pay attention when you see a Pipal tree in your neighbourhood! Spend some time under this tree!

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