Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Chemical cocktail

We get many kinds of patients. Some of them have very challenging health condition. They are indeed very difficult to treat. Sometimes we get patients who are suffering from simple health problems but are taking too many medicines.
For example, A case I got last week. Following medicines are taken daily.
For hyper acidity - enough antacids, finishing a bottle in two days.
Other strong two or three medications to reduce acidity.
One for digestion.
One for vertigo.
One for reducing weight. ( Weight increasing because of excess milk intake which is supposed to help in reducing acidity.)
Two or three pain killers as required on and off for all kinds of pains in body, headache etc.
Of course some iron and calcium tablets to make sure body gets enough supply.
And vitamins to overcome constant tiredness.
Some ayurvedic preparation like health vitaliser.
A gel to get over constipation.
Some hormonal tablets for menstrual problems.
May be some more creams and lotions for local application.

This is what is entering in body by choice daily.
Taking too many chemical medicines can cause drug interactions, side effects and can cause liver as well as kidney overload. Body gets confused. So also one's thinking ability, memory etc.

This is a case of chemical addiction. We do help such patients to gradually give up all these chemical medicines. With the help of appropriate Flower Remedies, we can help them to gently over come their dependency. We need to first clean up the system of all these chemicals. We made a formula of 'Energy Remedies' called as 'Cleansing AL'.
This remedy may help in detoxification.
There is also disturbance of micro flora in the large intestine.
Hyper acidity is usually a lifestyle problem in urban population. The reasons are simply stated as 'Hurry, worry and curry'. Also lack of physical exercise is adding to the problem.
Read an article on hyperacidity from our old newsletter.
So, look for lifestyle modification and gentler solutions for your health problems.
Flower energy remedies can help.
Don't just pop those chemical pill.........or pills.

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