Friday, June 29, 2007

Organic vegetables & Fruits

Just I wrote this note on Organic food yesterday. And today, one alert patient called up and asked us to watch IBN7 news channel in the morning. The big news was...that farmers were shown injecting hormone oxytocin into vegetables and fruit! They inject this twice. First, to increase the growth of the plant. Second time, directly into vegetable or fruit to increase the size! They are particularly injected in pumpkin, watermelon, bringle and cucumber.
Oxytocin injections are also used in cattle to increase milk production! It is injected two hours before milking!
There was another story on how animal fats were used to 'create' desi ghee look, and was passed on as 'Ghee' ( Clarified butter)!
All this is very harmful to health!
It is difficult to find out the difference between organic or non-organic from what is available in the market. Also, I have found difficult to locate organic farmer growing vegetables and supplying to our city.
May God save us from all this!


gary said...

this is true. people should stop cheating we cant even have healthy food .god save us.all the people doing these unethical things and harming animals,plants and humans should stop as they should know that god is watching all of us.

neha said...

Farmers are using this. I am a M.Phil student in Environment Science. I am doing my research on this only. Whether its really work or is a misconception. But I am not getting literature available on this topic. Can you help me?

Dr. Rupa Atul Shah and Dr. Atul K. Shah said...

Hi Neha, There is a book wriiten by Prabha Krishnan titled as 'Health care Earth Care' published by earth careb books.
Let me know if you need more help.
Dr. Rupa Shah

neha said...

Thank you mam, I really want to know more about that book and other works in this field. I need some more help in this

Dr. Rupa Atul Shah and Dr. Atul K. Shah said...

Hi Neha, contact me on my email address for ALL the help you need.
Dr. Rupa Shah

Anonymous said...

But oxytocin is destroyed by the human Gastrointestinal tract enzymes, so I wonder how it would be harmful to humans consuming such food.
Am not in favor of such practices but neither do I support unnecessary fear being generated in the mind of the common man.

HyunChard said...

How comical they are, already desperate to get the attention of the customers? Well if ever someone caught doin' such a thing, I think there's a law for that, be prepared to face the consequences. May the almighty enlighten their minds. Also I hope the organic food delivered by my trusted supplier is not like that. And Dr. or anyone knowledgeable in that thing, hope you can distinguish the injected ones and the true organic ones. That's all thank you for informing us.