Saturday, June 2, 2007

Nutritional Supplements are not always safe!

Study: Iron pills during pregnancy harms child.
A very interesting story is published in yesterday's The Times of India, page 19. It says ' For more than 20 years, mothers-to-be have been advised to take iron supplements, althought the food standards Agency now recommneds they get the mineral from a balanced diet rather than tablets'. The reason- ' Women are being warned that taking iron pills during pregnacy could do them more harm than good.' 'Unless a pregnant woman is anaemic, say doctors, extra iron could cause her to develop high blood pressure, which in turnmay lead to her baby being born smaller'.

We have been telling this to all our patients all along. Don't just pop those supplements too easily. Such supplements are available over the counter. Therefore, chances of self medication are higher. So next time do think before you take any supplements.

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