Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Addiction to cell phones

At Healin' Temple, we have a sign that says 'no cell phone talking here' Maintain the Silence at this place. But still we find patients so obsessed with their cell phones, that they refuse to listen to our request! Some of them carry two cell phones. ( I guess one each for each ear to listen. But got only one mouth to talk!) Are we progressing as individual by doing this?
How do you expect your doctor to seriously concentrate on YOUR health issues when you are too busy talking on phone? I wonder how you can expect to concentrate on YOUR health when you are so preoccupied with your phone?

Cell phone addiction needs to be treated first I guess.
Most have quickly learnt to use the phone but not the cell phone etiquette.
As it is, we know cell phones can harm our energy field in the long run. Pay attention to the whole issue of switching off and switching on the phone as required. It is directly related to our body faculties switching on and off as required.
How can you expect to improve your health, if you use your body & mind 24/7/365 without rest? Even, your cell phone battery needs charging. What about your own body batteries?

Those who are addicted have time to answer cell phones but no time for families or close friend. In fact that also happens via cell phone! When a cell phone is lost, there is panic attack! Hmmm.

I see it a big disease of our time now. I laugh and say that future babies will be born with a mini cell attached to their ears!

So, friends, do learn to switch off when required!!!

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