Thursday, June 21, 2007

Colour bottles at Healin' Temple

This is the picture of the colour bottles kept at the Display box. The flower pots above are only for decoration purpose.
Almost all visitors to Healin' Temple are asked to have a look at the colour bottles kept at one of the display box. It is very interesting to note that in most cases, the choice of colour is very right. For example, about two weeks ago we had a visitor who selected pink/clear colour bottle. That time, we suggested to her that she might be having some problem in the perineum area. It can be either constipation, piles, may be urinary bladder or menstrual problem. She said there was not anything that she is aware of. But, as I met her yesterday...she related this to me. Just the day after she selected the pink colour, she came down with bad urinary tract infection!
Her colour choice was right. There was already functional disturbance in the area. Thus the right colour hunger!

There is a colour chart of body that we show to them after this to explain their choice and which area of body may be affected.

Those who choose green colour may have problem around heart, lungs, breasts, upper part of abdomen, liver etc. Asthmatics often choose green colour so also those who are heart hurt!

So this is the colour hunger of your body telling a lot about your health!

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