Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A Patient Hearing!

'To listen is so difficult. To listen means to be here, now. To listen means to be without any thought. To listen means to be alert and aware. If these conditions are fulfilled, only then you listen.' ---say Osho.

Observe this. Is your doctor listening to you or not? It is so important to be empathetic towards patient. A patient should feel at the end of his visit to doctor, that his doctor did hear him patiently. A good patient listening, an empty mind from fixed ideas about diagnosis helps. It leads us to take a very good history of patient. This helps in leading a doctor to determine the cause of illness.
We know that a patient must feel very comfortable when telling us ALL about his health, which includes some information about his life as well. As we have Holistic approach towards health, we insist on patient sharing all important information about his life.
From experience we know suppressed anger may cause liver problems.
Hidden fears may lead to kidney disorders.
Silent grief may cause heart burn.
Excessive stress may cause high blood pressure or blood sugar imbalance.
Mind, emotions and body are linked totally.
A good hearing also heals. Here, at Healin' Temple, we make sure we give enough time to our patient to 'hear' him well. Many of them start feeling better right here!
At Healin' Temple, we try to maintain a 'Silence Zone' and prevent others to use cell phones which disturbs us as doctors and other patients. If they need to, they can go out in the garden and use it.
Therefore 'first listen, then pat him on his back, and then give him remedies if needed'. This is what a good doctor does!

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