Thursday, June 28, 2007

Organic Farmer

Our friend Venkat Iyer sent us an sms yesterday regarding organic ground nut oil, organic mung beans, Urad Dal and Sesame (Til ) oil available from his farm. Venkat is 42 year friend, was working in IBM company, decided to leave that job, and become a full time organic farmer! He is a farmer now for last 4 years. He has a farm near Dahanu. From not having much knowledge about farming, now he is a full time farmer! I have been using many of the foods that he grows. I appreciate the difference between a refined ground nut oil and just filtered ground nut oil. I have also used brown rice. Also Chikoo and poha.
My brother Asit has a farm too near Umbergaon and grows all organic. If you taste papaya or mango from his farm, you will not eat any other! They are so ...tasty!
Whenever possible, we try to use organic food. It is important to not to add more chemicals in our body. Chemical pesticides and fertilisers used to grow some of the food items can be harmful for health. What Venkat says ' The satisfaction I have got exceeds all limits. The kicks I get from farming, is much more than cracking software.'
Thanks Venkat for being a farmer! We can eat good food ! What you do is very important for us!

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