Monday, October 21, 2013

Knee Joint Arthritis

This is very interesting. Last week, a woman came with both the knee swelling and painful. Lot of stiffness and difficulty in walking. Patient also overweight. I know clearly from my Mind Body Holistic Medicine approach that Knees are for support in our body. We stand on our feet but our knees support our whole body! When knee joints are affected, my interpretation is this... When you lose loving support in your life ( when you feel unsupported, left to walk/journey in your life alone), you can get knee joint problems. Indeed, this women came out with the story of her life..divorced at very young age, no money, two young children to take care, she did fight, managed to somehow bring her children up alone. But now, her both the boys are not really good to her. One is addicted to alcohol, drugs, smoking, doing nothing in his life. The other is very aggressive and dominating! No wonder, she has now knee joint arthritis.  Mind, emotions and body cannot be separated. This is holistic medical diagnosis. I will be able to help her well with holistic medicine and flower remedies.

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