Monday, July 22, 2013

Mindfulness in healing...

One cannot separate mind and body. They are totally linked. Mindful healing means you concentrate on the parts of your body that needs healing with your mind. Wherever mind is focused, healing energy automatically goes there. If my patient has stomach pain, I ask him to put his right palm on the stomach area and in his mind, visualise healing energy going to the stomach area. Stay there for few minutes. We are equipped with self organsing healing energy. This starts working wherever consciousness goes. This is an example of Mindful healing. It is all about being aware and then going along with the flow of events. Mind and body are like mirror image. So if mind changes, so also body. There are no mistakes here . Body cannot show wrong symptoms without mind also involved in it. I usually draw pictures of various body organs and explain the processes to my patients and then ask them to move for improvement in the condition.

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