Thursday, July 18, 2013

White Sugar Addiction!

I am treating a young patient who is suffering from fears, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. He is also worried about his health. His fear of disease is very big, making him restless and anxious. He is also addicted to sweet chocolates. Can you make the connection? White sugar is very harmful for health.  It works like 'morphine' in body. When you don't get your regular dose of white sugar, you get 'sugar blues'.  White Sugar pulls out important minerals from body causing further damage. It is also very acidic in effect causing acid alkaline imbalance. White sugar definitely disturbs mind and emotions, making one agitated, hyperactive and restless. However, sugar industry in very powerful. White sugar is in many packaged foods and also in our homes. No wonder, many of us are addicted to sugar!  How much white sugar do you consume every month?

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