Thursday, May 2, 2013

My recent thoughts posted on face book:

I am not a doctor with too many gadgets to test you in my clinic. I don't get too many 'tests' done for my patients. However, what I do very sincerely is to 'listen ' to my patients well. I want to know their story, want to know about their pains, their symptoms, their anxieties, their life in general. Knowing a patient from holistic point of view is knowing all about his mind, his emotions and his body. A patient listening does a good job of reaching the cause of his illness and then I proceed to advise on diet, lifestyle and some natural flower remedies, bio energy remedies and may be EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique). Often my patients get surprised when I don't look more deeply into their big fat health file and instead choose to look deep within their souls!

We are so used to making financial targets each year. We figure out owning a home, a car, a holiday home may be, a holiday abroad and whatever. But we forget to make similar list of our own health. What is your health target? What is your body flexibility and strength target? Any idea? Do you exercise and check your movement range? Do you regularly get check ups done to make sure your blood levels are improving? Do you keep postponing your appointment with doctor? One day, it may be too late to improve health! Start writing your health targets now, look for right advice and time frame to reach there. This will be the best way to honour your own body, the only precious vehicle that you have right now that makes you feel truly alive!

I have made this incredible observation! I have several patients who have consulted various dietitian and nutritionists in the past for various health problems. They are very used to 'asking them' about what to eat, what is good for them and also receiving diet by SMS/email daily or on weekly basis. This way you are 'outsourcing' your own food requirements completely. You are 'listening' to them much more than 'listening' to your own 'inner guidance'. It feels very strange to give away your own power to decide what you should eat. General guidance is good to receive from learned people but to receive your daily diet chart??? Think it over.

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