Monday, December 30, 2013

Female Hormone Balance

I am treating a lady patient who is about 40 years. She was advised to take hormonal tablets for her menstrual problems. She was getting hot flushes and not getting regular menses for months. As a short cut, her doctor advised her to take oral contraceptive pills. She took those for more than 3 years. Hot flushes went away, her periods were regular( Of course because of oral pills.) She came to me for her knee pain about 4 months ago. Her knee pain improved very much. She is now training for half marathon! Meanwhile, I also convinced her that I will get her off her oral pills in few months. After 3 months of treatment with natural remedies, I suggested now she drop the oral pills. She was scared...whether she will get her period regularly or not? Yes, Indeed. She did get her period this month, on time. All perfect.Without the support of oral contraceptive pills! This is the process of 'resetting the female hormonal cycle'! This is holistic healing.

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