Monday, November 11, 2013

Fine Tremors

A 72 year man visited me the other day for fine tremors in his right hand. He is a very wealthy man who needs to sign many cheques daily. His hand is shaking and now signature is getting altered. He was very worried about this. For him, if he cannot means losing complete control over his business empire, his ego hurt on this. He narrated his lifestyle to me, which was looking very good initially. Exercise, rest, sleep, reasonably good diet...but he also takes some amount of alcohol and tobacco daily since last 40 years! There, I got the answer. His nervous system is indeed weakened because of this. He was constantly in denial, not ready to accept that 'this much bad habits ' can be damaging to his body! A poison is a poison! Taken over the years, will show its effect on your body. And your body does not lie! I will be able to help him with natural remedies and lifestyle modification. However, he does have to look into giving up his 'bad habits'!

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