Monday, August 24, 2009

Fasting Assistance Gel

Last week was the week of fasting for many Jains across the globe. Jains follow the path of harmlessness, kindness to all. They are all vegetarians, however they do consume dairy. A lot of jains are fasting for 8 days or more just on boiled water. Sometimes, fasting without water for a day. I have seen even young children fasting for 8 days. How does this happen? I guess, spiritual faith helps to go through the experience. However, during fasting, each day some symptoms do appear depending on the health of each individual. The reason is...during fasting, truly cleansing of body starts. Urine smells, perspiration smells, dark colour, foul smelling stools, mouth also smells. Restlessness in body, vomiting of acidic fluid from the stomach etc. The persons who are fasting do not take any oral they are fasting. So, we made a gel for them to apply locally. It is called as fasting assistance gel. We have given this away free to those who are fasting during these sacred days. Just two days ago we go a very impressive phone call from a first time user of this gel. On the seventh night of his fasting, he was in too much if his stomach is on fire! He was almost ready to break his fast! Someone gave him this gel to apply. Within minutes of application, his burning, hot sensation of fire in stomach went away. He went to sleep. Woke up fresh next morning. And he completed his fast of 8 days. He called up to share his experience with us! The gel directly works on the Solar Chakra, which is undergoing a cleansing and balancing process while fasting is going on. This gel quickly balances the energetic imbalance and indiirectly helping physical body symptoms. Fasting assistance formula is the one we are selling in our catalogue for many years with very positive results. Fasting is time of resting, cleansing and rejuvenating. This formula made from flower remedies is a gentle help for the healing!

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