Monday, January 5, 2009

Reflections - A Very Inspiring Book

I am very fortunate I feel. I am meeting very nice people these days. One such couple I met, is Mr. Harshad Parekh and His wife Nayana. They both are long time vegans.They gifted me this wonderful book written by Akbarali Jetha, name as Reflections. Akabar Jetha is no more now. He was a vegan by choice. He wrote this book.

Some inspirational quotes from the book:

Man's success should not be judged by
the wealth he has,
but to the extent he is at peace with himself.

If we are not happy now,
we may never be.

What pest control did Nature use
for vegetation grown underground?

The happiness that we enjoyed in childhood
was due to our state of mind,
not- due to any external factor.

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