Monday, June 29, 2009

Life & Death!

Nature teaches about life & death all the time!
Being doctors, we do see life very closely and death too! It is possible that in one day one of our patient delivers a baby, and same day you lose a patient. For us, this is life! You do not hide anything from God and...your doctor. When patients share their life story, their problems with us...we know life as it is. Nothing is hidden from us. And God grants us the ability to stay calm amidst all these. Yesterday, visited my aunt who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. This morning, news that a dear friend is no more. He died last night! We spent much time talking, sharing about things in life just few days ago! And, there are more phone calls since morning to attend to various patients.....with various problems...What helps is.....taking flower remedies, and meditating a few minutes, praying for good health & life to all..... whenever time permits.
And, then get ready to handle some Healin' Temple!

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