Friday, January 10, 2014

Several doctors for one patient

A lady patient came to me the other day with female hormonal disturbance. She is over weight, has also thyroid problem. She is taking treatment from homoepathic doctor, allopathic doctor, also a  nutritionist and she is also taking many supplements. Homeopathic medicines are helping her 'mind and emotions' , allopathic for the hormone disturbance and nutritionist for the weight control! And supplements for whatever 'good' benefits they are perceived for! She is not the only one like this. Most of my patients are desperately 'trying' to help themselves with several doctors and experts simultaneously. It is tough to treat this way. I suggest , only one doctor, who is practicing holistic medicine and is perceiving you as a 'whole..mind, body , emotions..all as one ' can handle you much better. What do you think friends?

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