Saturday, December 6, 2008

World Peace Diet - Book

A very nice book I am reading right now is called as 'World Peace Diet' by Dr. Will Tuttle. I was given a cd of the talks given by Dr. Tuttle at the Pea vs Pills workshop seminar. I listened to it, was very impressed and inspired. So, I searched the net, found the website and the book written by this author. It is very kind of the author to let us download the whole book in PDF format. I am reading it everyday. All that he writes makes sense. After being Vegan, I started noticing changes in my mind and body, totally unexpected. I decided to be a vegan with very open mind. The results are very good. Therefore, I started reading the book. The book describes a lot in detail about food's influence on us. The book can be downloaded from the website
My brother has become a vegan too. He has just heard me mentioning a bit about milk and violence to animals. He decided to give it a try. He stopped taking all the animal milk products. And from, literally day 1 onwards he saw change in his health. He had chronic sinusitis. His nose was always congested. That started clearing up. now he is free from this. He feels less tired. His memory is also improving. He is now completely convinced about health benefits of Vegan diet. He also told me that he used feel some kind of sadness & depression always at the back of his mind, all these years. He did not know what it was. Apparently everything going good in life, but this sadness, heaviness was always there. Now, that is gone. It is replaced by a sense of peace, calm. He has less aches & pains in his body.
Something for me...a doctor to learn!
Animal milk is Kaphajanya ( Mucus forming), according to Ayurveda also. So, when you stop taking animal milk, your exceesive kapha disturbance improves.
Drinking a sad animals milk can only make us sad.

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