Monday, December 29, 2008

Protein supplements- side effects

Very recently, a patient came with very interesting symptoms.
He is only 26 years old. He is suffering from high blood pressure and migraine headaches for last two years. He is so young to have high BP. So, we decided to do complete body check up including his kidney function. Results are awaited. Meanwhile, I was very curious about his lifestyle and diet. I wanted to find out, how come a young person like him landed up with such bad health? I found out.....that more than two years ago, he joined a gymnasium. He wanted to develop muscles, just like the ones we see these days male film actors showing off on screen.
He was given three different protein powders, from three different companies. These he took for three months. Then he stopped going to gym. He gained a lot of weight after this. And, high BP as well as migraine headaches.
I just found out that creatine in the protein powers can cause high BP to those whose kidneys are weak already.
No one at the gym is bothered to know more about you...they just prescribe!
Food is so important...what we eat...we become! Don't take it lightly.

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