Friday, December 12, 2008

Tea & Coffee addiction

Since many months, we have given up drinking tea or coffee. We used to drink two cups of tea daily, with animal milk, for years. After stopping it completely, I observed a remarkable change in one of my symptom. I used to have diuretic effect of tea. That means, going to pass urine in large quantity after morning tea. Then gradually, I also observed that my bladder control was less. I had to frequently visit the loo. There was some nervousness also with it. Now, this is completely reversed. My bladder strength is now as good as I remember I had, as a child studying in school. Back to normal.
Tea or coffee is stimulating the adrenal gland each time we drink it. Our body interprets it as stress. Do we need this?
We take herbal tea every morning. No animal milk added.
It is made with Mint, Ginger, Fennel,Cardamom, Tulsi and chemical free jeggary added as required.

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