Friday, June 20, 2008

Vaccination induced brain damage

This boy was only two month old, when he received his first dose of vaccination, called as DPT. He was unlucky, as he reacted badly to the vaccine. The vaccine caused massive brain damage. He is now six year old. Taking flower remedies since 4 months. He had large tonsils. He was advised surgery. He gets convulsions often. His intake of food was very less. His recognition of sounds was very less. His ability to express emotions by making any gesture or sound was hardly there.
There is much improvement in his condition. He is able to sit without support now. Stands with support for hours now. Claps while other children clap. Expresses joy or fear. If left alone in room, he makes sounds to call people. Eats very very well. No more enlarged tonsils. Convulsions less than before. He used bang his head against any object. Now he has forgotten that. Healing continues.....We are not sure how much of the brain function we can revive with the help of flower energy remedies...time will tell.

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