Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monsoon is here already! but no earthen fragrance!

Last week, it started raining. We thought it was just pre-monsoon showers. But on the night of the 7th June, it did rain heavily. Once again, our area was flooded.

I was particularly trying to smell the earth! But, no sweet fragrance of earth with new, fresh rain! I was so disappointed. How can there be any fragrance? We have not left an inch uncovered! Every day, this city is adding tons of cement on the surface of earth! The earth cannot breath! It feels suffocated! Therefore, no smell. I feel sad. No mitti ki mehek and no dancing in the rain!

The other day I visited many plant nurseries, as I wanted to buy earthen pots for our little city garden. Almost all nurseries had only very expensive plastic pots. The plants, I guess love to be in earthen pot, so that the mud/mitti can breath!

Mud, Mitti, earth...disappearing from urban scene. I miss it far too much! I was brought up in an environment of huge garden and many trees in the surrounding area. I miss all this year after year in the city which has lost touch with nature and nurture!

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