Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A Case Of Leukoderma

This is the picture of this young boy, age less than 10. He was diagnosed with leukoderma about a year ago. For one year, allopathic medicines were given. However, it was observed that instead of reducing in size, it was actually increasing. At this stage, parents were very tensed and confused. The doctors were debating whether we should start stronger allopathic medicines for him or not? But since he is still less than 10 years, the medicines could be more toxic to him. At this stage, we were consulted. We requested them to wait for at least one month before any decision is taken for further allopathic medicines. We gave our remedies. And, this picture is taken after one month of that. His skin is already improving. We can see, the patches that came recently are now actually getting pigmentation again. I did take his picture before starting our remedies. But I have lost somewhere. If I find it, I will update this post with his earlier picture.

I am so glad that he has responded. Now parents do have confidence, and have decided to not to give further allopathic. Local application of steroids can also be harmful.
So, this is a good news. that they have decided to continue with Energy Remedies. It is now a matter of time for full healing.

Energy Remedies work!

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