Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Case Of Epilepsy

This is picture of a little girl who is suffering from epilepsy. She was getting 15 attacks in a day. Her allopathic medication going on full swing. But no relief. She used to fall down also. It has been two months since we are treating this sweet girl. There has been substantial improvement in her condition. There have been many days without any episodes of epilepsy. She gets mild attacks at times otherwise. Very very less in frequency. It will be a long journey through healing completely. However, a major relief for a young one who is just starting her school life!

Right diagnosis and selecting right remedies help gently and also very quickly. In this case intrauterine life of this child also was very important to know. This is indeed transformation through 'Energy Remedies'!

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patsgarden said...

Dear Dr Rupa,
I will be working with a woman [27] who has epilepsy. She seems to be outgrowing it, as attacks are lessening in frequency as she grows older. Would be interested knowing more about this child's intra-uterine issues.
My client likely had a pretty good experience - her mother teaches natural birthing and is a very aware person.