Thursday, May 5, 2011

In Malaysia.....

We just returned home after visiting beautiful Malaysia. We participated in Anti aging conference in Kualalumpur. Our lecture was on the topic' Balancing hormones through Bio Energy Remedies'. It was well received. We also had lot of interest from Doctors in wanting to use these remedies. Many of them also got themselves tested on the Machines like Acu Graph and the Quantum Bio Machine. Later, we saw many patients in Kliong also. Diseases are same everywhere now. So should be the way of treating them. We are now citizens of the world, Eating almost similar food, using almost similar medications....We got to see many skin diseases patients and some 'so called incurable' patients. Some patients have already improved after taking remedies for few months from Dr. Atul's earlier visit. Bio Energy remedies are the way, simple, effective, gentle healing.

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