Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference on Flower Essences in England

We were in Europe again fro 2 weeks to conduct various talks, workshops and participate as guest lecturer at the Flower Essences conference in England. At the conference, our radio interview was taken. Here is the link of the website on internet where you can hear it. It is in the 3rd hour of the program released on 4rth April, Monday.
The conference was too good with more than 100 people from allover the world sharing their ideas about healing through flower essences. We were invited as guest speaker at the conference. The venue was beautiful place in Lincolnshire, called as Dev Aura which is the main office of Aura Soma.
I just managed to take few pictures as we were so busy... Our topic was' Changing the DNA information through Flower Essences' It was indeed very well received. Participants experienced quick healing form many of the AUM flower essence products.

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