Thursday, June 24, 2010

Healin' Temple Shop Display

Healin' Temple is now frequently visited by people from all over the world. Either they are people who use out products or they are actually practitioners who not only use our products but also recommend it to their patients. We have a dedicated room especially for the display of our products. People love to visit our place, see the products, ask a few questions and buy them. There are little posters explaining the various kits that we have in English as well as Hindi. The most popular kit is the ' students Kit' which contain remedies for concentration, confidence and memory. It also has the eye gel for tired eyes of students reading for exams.
Our place is open form 10 AM till 7 PM , from Monday to Saturday. You need not make an appointment to visit us.....just come.

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Vaishali said...

Rupa, thanks for the tip on vegan yogurt using almond milk-- it sounds really interesting and I will be sure to check out the Sharan video, if it's on their website.