Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Peas vs Pills workshop - being Vegan

I attended a very nice workshop on diet by Dr. Nandita Shah. It is called as 'Peas vs Pills' workshop. It is learning about being a vegan. I am already vegetarian. But I was not Vegan. Vegan is the term for those who do not take any animal products as food, which includes milk. I was taking all the animal milk products until recently. I was just like most of us, taking animal milk products traditionally. But I was not aware about the pain an animal has to go through to give us that milk. I was not fully aware that animal milk is indeed difficult to digest for adults. I decided to give it a try. I stopped taking all the animal milk products. It is more than a month. I am feeling comfortable, easy. No problems giving up ALL the animal milk products. This includes butter, cheese, curd, ghee ( Clarified butter ) etc.
In a way, I have disconnected my self from using animal products, where an animal may have been harmed. But, at higher level, in my consciousness, I feel very connected, for the first time to animal kingdom! I feel the same connection that I feel for the plant kingdom. I do feel an expansion in my consciousness by being so aware about the animals on this planet. I am happy to be a vegan now.



Nice to discover your blog Dear Dr.

I was to attend the workshop, unfortunately, I was not in Mumbai that time. Could you please write more on the workshop.

I have become Vegan almost a year back. It's a new concept in India. It's lifestyle, not only restricted to diet. One should not eat or drink anything which has derived from animal origin directly of indirectly, (e.g. gelatin in Jelly, honey,etc), even use leather products. Shoes. Leather belt, Silk, etc.

Well it's a difficult task but not impossible. Giving away Chocolates, Cakes, Pastries, Sweets like shrikhand,basundi,Gulabjamun,etc etc.

Vaishali said...

Dear Rupa and Atul,
So happy to hear from you, and I will definitely plan on meeting with Bombay vegans next time I visit. I think it's great you're practising being vegan in India where there's still very little awareness about the harm done to dairy animals. Please keep up the great work, and stay in touch!