Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Monsoon Troubles -An opportunity

Our place does get flooded in heavy rains during monsoon. It can be two feet of water inside the ground floor! The place gets filled up with very dirty gutter water! When water drains off, it leaves a thick layer of mud which we clean up thoroughly. However, it used to leave a very bad smell, lingering in air for about a week.
This time, we researched and used our own 'Energy Remedies' Spray for the air purification. We also used our own cleaning (Chemical Free ) liquid made from 'Energy Remedies' for the floor and furniture.
Our place is shining again, smelling good and as good as before. No one will even guess what calamity we went through earlier!
The best effect was shared by our staff. They said, usually their hands go very rough, dry and also a layer of skin peeling because of chemicals used for cleaning. This time, the opposite happened. Hands became very soft.........from cleaning work!
Energy Remedies are so good!

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